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TOMY figures - Updated sales

Here is an updated sales with new Tomy figures. Enjoy looking ^-^

Previews ^

Warning: picture heavy

·         I received sales permission from entirelycliched in 2013.
·         Here is my feedback:
·         I ship from the Netherlands and will ship internationally. I accept PayPal only. Please include your username and what you bought in the note. And don’t forget your address.
·         I am not responsible for items lost in the mail.
·         I will let you know when I shipped your figure(s).
·         PLEASE let me know if you are committed in buying or if you’re just asking for a quote. If you don’t say you are committed or ask if I want to hold any items for you, the items will stay available for others.
·         I will hold items for 48 hours when asked. I can also hold them longer but then you have to be sure are committed in buying, otherwise I will have to leave negative feedback.

·         Prices are in USD and do not include shipping or PayPal fees.
·         At the moment I don't accept haggling

·         Please, ask if you want to see more pictures.
·         You might see some of the same figures in different pictures, which means that the cheaper one is in worse condition.
·         Some figures may be damaged. Please ask if you're concerned. I can take more pictures if you want :)
·         If you are interested in some figures, comment below with the name of the picture and the name of the pokemon you'd like to have (example: Picture 2: Plusle and Minun). This makes things easier and quicker :)

IMPORTANT: Information regarding shipping

Shipping starts at $2.50 for small items. Anything that is smaller than 3.2 centimeters will fit in a bubble mailer. This counts for most Tomy figures. Bigger items have to be shipped in a box. This is a shipping rule in my country because packages smaller than 3.2 centimeters will fit through the letterbox.

If you’d like to buy a lot or just something big, shipping will start at $11.34 in Europe and $22.68 internationally. This will not be more expansive as long as the package is not over 2 kilograms. This is without tracking. If you want tracking, let me know and I’ll let you know what that would cost to your country.

Picture 1: $3 each
Note: A few Empoleons, Infernape's and Torterra's are pearly figures.
Sold: Quilava (2x), Typhlosion (1x), Milotic, Empoleon (2x), Infernape (1x), Regigigas (2x), Buizel (1x), Floatzel (2x), Axew, Rayquaza (2x), Turtwig (2x), Grotle (1x), Torterra (1x), Chatot (1x), Dialga (1x), Palkia (1x), Hoothoot, Serperior, Servine, Lucario (1x), Infernape (1x), Shaymin land forme (1x), Blaziken (1x), Combusken, Rhyperior (1x), Terrakion, Oshawott, Prinplup (1x), Giratina, Flygon, Croagunk (1x), Bellossom, Marshtomp (1x), Jolteon, Munchlax (1x), Registeel (1x), Suicune (3x), Entei (2x), Raikou (2x), Metapod

Picture 2: $4 each
Note: Running Pikachu's are pearly.  Both Gyarados and 2x Mewtwo are recolored versions.
Sold: Cyndaquil (1x), Totodile, Aggron, Wynaut (1x), Absol (1x), Plusle (1x), Minun (1x), Tropius (1x), Zekrom (1x), Monferno, Pearly Pikachu (1x), Raichu (right one with white belly)

Picture 3: $5 each
Note: Darkrai's left arm is broken off. The broken piece will be included with the figure. The lighter colored Tyranitar's are older releases, the darker ones are newer. Bulbasaur is clear. Dragonite is also a newer release (recolored version)
Sold: Feraligatr (2x), Deoxys Speed forme, Metagross (1x), Tyranitar lighter version (2x), Tyranitar darker version (1x), Sitting Celebi (most left), Standing Celebi (right), Smeargle, Darkrai, Houndoom (1x), Flygon (1x)

Picture 4: $8 each
Sold: Rhydon, Tauros, Vaporeon

Picture 5: $10 each
Note: You can't really see it in the picture but both Pichu's have 'tufty hair'.

Picture 6: $15 each
Sold: Weepingbell, Delcatty, Ninjask, Bellsprout, Victreebell, Corphish, Sharpedo

Picture 7: Zubat $18, Golbat $70, Machoke $30, Larvitar (from the 2001 movie set) $30, Larvitar $22, Tyranitar (from the 2001 movie set) $25

Picture 8: Spinarak $18, Ariados $20, Houndour $22, Azumarill $30, Flaaffy $30

Picture 9: Corsola $25, Sneasel (from the 2001 movie set) $30, Porygon2 $35, Politoed $40, Kingdra $80 OBO (little bit scuffed on the nose, but otherwise good condition)

Picture 10: Zigzagoon $17, Swellow $18, Loudred $18, Beautifly $33, Manectric $25

Picture 11 (all clear figures): Rayquaza $15, Groudon with red base $50 $45, Groudon with no base: $18, Kyogre $20/$25 (one is in better condition), Deoxys $10, Dialga's $10 each, Regigigas (2x) $7, Manaphy $15, Shaymin land forme $12, Shaymin Sky forme $10, Palkia's $8 each,
Treecko $35

Picture 12 (pearly figures): $10 each
Sold: Lugia

Pictures 13: Ivysaur $5, Shieldon $8, Lickilicky $6, Staraptor $8, Blastoise $6, Grotle $4, Kricketune $6, Mew $4, Hippopotas $6, Piplup $4, Yanmega $15 (package is broken, but figure is still sealed), Togekiss $10

Picture 14: Lanturn $28, Skiploom $12, Jumpluff $15, Murkrow $20, Slowking $12, Pineco $12, Snubbel $8, Qwilfish $30, Piloswine $18, Stantler $15, Tyrogue $20, Smoochum $8, Miltank $15, Pupitar $15

Picture 15: Nuzleaf $13, Pelliper $15, Whismur $10, Loudred $20, Delcatty $28, Medicham $14, Manectric $40, Volbeat $8, Castform $12,Banette $15, Snorunt $15
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