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Back from Japan HUGE GETS, Swing Swap Gets and Sales!

Hey guys! It's been a little while since I have seen many of you, but I am finally around to posting this much needed post after getting back from Japan! I visited The Osaka, Fukuoka, and Mega Tokyo Pokemon Centers for the first time and my mind was blown to say the least!
IMG_2315 - Copy

There is so much stuff that I picked up and way to much to cover so here are a couple quick collages that show it all off!


I could talk about this amazing stuff all day but lets cover some highlights! I spent a ton of money in Pokemon Center Gachapon machines collecting the shole Goomy and newest Zukan sets and succeeded! I am only missing the Balloon Pikazard Gacha and tried to get all the eraser Bulbasaur gachapon but didn't get any haha

I was pleasantly Surprised to purchase the Nagoya Shiny Karp Pika statue at the Osaka Pokemon Center where they also had the Halloween Inkay lamps still available which was awesome!

I was very happy to add a ton of items to my Sceptile and Wailmer lines as well as picking up some new Saur items.

On to my Spring Swapper! I was lucky enough to get Kittay752who completely blew my mind with their attention to detail and nailing a little of everything that I enjoy collecting!

They were sweet enough to make me these amazing shiny customs with Venusaur using Venoshock! Such fun attention to detail and creativeness! I really appreciate that!
Amazingly adorable custom art and tons of flats I did not have that went straight into the binder with their counterparts! Seriously though, I really love the custom art you guys draw for me and I save them all and decorate my binders with them! An absolute joy!

They were even awesome enough to send me the fuzzy kid which I did not have! Check out this happy Venu family! Looking pretty diverse and complete! I am super thankful for all the amazing food, figures, flats and the Fluffy Bulba tagged which I had really wanted for a long time! You seriously rock and I cannot thank you enough but all your gifts will be thanking you on my collection site forever :)

Sales time! Granted by Dakajojo. Lots of new Pokemon goods here and non Pokemon goods here
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