ceruleanblues15 (ceruleanblues15) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants + Question

Hey guys! I might be taking a giant longs shot with this, but I really wanted to check with the community first. Would anyone happen to have any of the trainer sprites of the Unova crew phone straps from the Sprite promotions of 2011 (correct me if wrong)?

(image is taken from Google images and if you'd like them remove just let me know.)

I'm mainly searching for the everyone as in male trainer, female trainer, Cheren and Bianca....And now I'm not saying I don't love N. It's just that I have friends who love the other trainers (with me loving Cheren!) and I thought it'd be a fun way to celebrate our friendship with having the Unova phone straps as it was them that brought us all together.

Also I have a question for those who paint their kid figures to shinies. I plan on going out to Michael's soon to purchase paint for my first shiny paint over. Does anyone have any recommendations on paint brands to look for? Also any suggestions on learning how to match up colors of the shiny Pokemon to the acrylic paint? XD Thanks again everyone!

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