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Plushies and zukans and figures, Oh MY!

Hello all! Hope you're well and the sun is shining wherever you may be =P

Today, I've got a few gets that I'm pretty excited to show you all including something that -was- turning into a little bit of a grail! Click the cut and see! =DD

First up, we have the Japanese Kaiyodo ORAS pre-order figures =D I have the EU versions of these aswell from my copies of the games but quite frankly...they're pretty mediocre looking at best =/ When I saw what the Japanese were treat to...I knew I just had to snap these guys up! Kyogre's clear body and little yellow inserts make him very intruiging to look at...and Groudon's fluorescent orange plastic on the base makes for an incredible intense glow when shaded with the darker browns! A very convincing magma crust I'd say!

Next we have an adorable Japanese Lapras Pokédoll! Look at that widdle face!!!

True to my form, she's MWT aswell! Her artwork is almost as adorable as she is!! <3

And look how lovely and detailed and perfect her shell is! *squeals*

And finally...the piece that was nearing grail status for me! The Ekans and Arbok Zukan set! This little figure set was proving to be a pain to find...until I got lucky and found them on Y!J for a mere 200 yen starting bid! Of course...there was already a bidder on them and in the end, I ended up having to bid up to 4500 yen instead xD No matter! In my opinion...every penny was worth it! The sculpt, pose, details, EVERYTHING is just what I'd hoped for the Zukan to be! =3 They take pride of place in my purple snake collection now! <3

Smile for the camera, Arbok!

And this is my display cabinet in my living room where eeeveryone lives =3 Top left are my Pokécen plushies (Megazard X and the 2013 Nagoya Renewal Shiny 'karp<3), Besides them are my main attractions, the Pokédolls of course =D I'm up to 18 now after only starting with 6 when I joined the comm! =D Below them are my pre-order bonuses, their packaging and a MIP Vaporeon Power Bouncer for the fun of it <3 Left to right there, we have EU Kyogre Pre-order Figure, Giratina Kaiyodo Pre-order Figure, Groudon Kaiyodo Pre-order Figure, The X & Y Pre-order bonuse Pokeball game case from GAME, Kyogre Kaiyodo Pre-order Figure, Lugia Kaiyodo Pre-order Figure and the EU Groudon Pre-order Figure! In the bottom left, we have my entire Ekans and Arbok collection which I think is coming along quite swimmingly =3 Aaand the bottom right is just Monster Hunter Figure Builder figures xD I had to fill the space up somehow after boxing away all my Tomys for sales! xD

I hope you all enjoyed having a peek at what I've accumulated in the past few weeks! =D I know I enjoyed opening them and taking pics <3

On a side note, you can expect my very first auction of a rather special custom plush I made coming up very soon! Keep your eyes peeled just in case the lil' dude happens to be of any interest to you!

And last but not customary shameless sales plug! I still have rare Tomy figures available such as Kingdra, Dittochu, Golbat and many more! Take a peek and see if there's anything you like by clicking my goofy snakes below! =D

Thank you for looking guys and hope you all have a wonderful whatever time of day it is for you! <3

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