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A bunch of gets and a want!

Hi guys! I've been getting a whole bunch of things recently, and I think now is a good time to post them!
I've been making a few purchases since I joined the community several weeks ago, and I am loving it! I actually have a few more things coming in the mail, but I'll post those when I get another big batch of things to post.

I had remembered that last year I got a few Pokemon decorations for my birthday party, and that all the decorations were in a bag in the garage. I pulled out the things that had Oshawott on them!

I had one heck of a time trying to get the double-sided tape off of that poster, and sadly, the back got a bit ripped. The tape still wouldn't come off so I just cut out pieces of paper to stick to the tape. I'll tell you what, I was the master at that game, but I let the 2nd place winner get the prize. Good thing all the randomly placed scalchops came off easily.

Alrighty! So I went to Megacon in Orlando, and got a few Pokemon things!

This is the first thing I got, which I have seen at cons a LOT, but I never remember if I already have this one because I have one that looks amost exactly the same, but he is smiling. This time I remembered that I did in fact NOT have the frowning one, and bought it
Next up is this little guy, which I bought on Sunday as a last-minute thing
Alright, so I was on a role with blindbags. I got 3 blindbag keychains from some anime shows and got my favorite characters. I tried to look up what came in these Pokeball blindbags, but there are a lot of Pokeball blindbags apparently. Anyways, the guy opened one up and it was a Chimchar! I don't really like any of the Gen 4 starters, but I do like a bunch of the other Pokemon, so I thought maybe it would come with one of those. And since he opened a Chimchar, the others can't be Chimchar, right? Wrong. I got a Chimchar, and while I do like the Pokeball he came in, I don't really like Chimchar all that much ^^; Oh well, can't win them all!
LOL so this was kind of an impulse buy, as I was cosplaying Emolga and this girl at a booth was very shyly showing me some Pokemon things for sale. I was trapped, and so bought a small Emolga strap! I need more Emolga things anyways.

Next up is some stuff I bought from people in the community!

From pacificpikachu

From splash

(This Chespin is just too cute!)
(THIS GUY WAS ALMOST LOST TO THE TRASH. I totally forgot I bought him until I was taking pictures. He was wrapped up in bubble wrap, I totally didn't even see him at first and had to fish him out of my trash can QOQ I AM SO SORRY EMOLGA!)

There's also this plushie I've been looking for

I've seen a few people post him on the community for around $35-$40, but that was a few years ago. If anyone knows where I can find one or is selling one, let me know! :D

I am also thinking about posting my collection on a site, like making a database of some sort, as I see some of you guys make for your collections. What is a good site to do that on?
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