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anime boston gets, sweepstakes, work gets, and more! (Trade offer inside)

Hllo everyone! This may be a tiny gets post, but I'd like to share my newest arrivals from the past month or so!

As always... my updated wants list and sales!

First off, Anime Boston was HUGE! In the dealers room, it was hard to decide which things to get. I had to make a small wants list of the things I wanted to buy there. Other things were on impulse. These are all my gets in just day 1.

The MPC Venusaur was an impulse, but no regrets. I didn't expect him to be so big :o One booth had the MPC hoenn startersand primal legendaries. Of course I snapped up Mudkip quickly!

Amigurumi oddish was from the Artists ally. <3 I loved the oddish so much. I had to get the Nidorans from different booths. The male one was harder to find.

Teh nurses are adorable <3 Wigglytuff is my favorite. Manectric was one I had to get as well, so as the Pikapuff. MPC dedenne was an easter gift from my best friend, as so was the fat chubby fish plant! The Sleepy oshawott was a gift for someone for helping me with my cosplay.

This was my ONLY get for day 2 of Anime Bsoton. Day 3's gets were non-pokemon related so they can't be posted here.

I've recently fallen for Wobbuffet and I wanted more of his merch. I got this guy <3

A while ago I entered the sweepstakes, and I won a pack of cards.

I didn't expect to win anything tbh x3

Next up are my gets from SMJ! This is just half of the stuff I had in storage.I'm waiting on three more things to be stored in the USA first beore my next box.

Only 3 pokemon related things. XP

Free from the plastic. I noticed that my eeveelution canvas set is halfway completed, so I decided "eh, why not get the others?" I'm just waiting on espeon from SMJ.

The Mudkip puppet is my pure love off the bat <3 I went into a mini bidwar on Y!J for him. Slightly pricey, but he was worth every penny! I love him to death! I never knew that he existed. There'saso a treecko puppet too, and my bff wants to get one for herself eventually.

Now speaking of mudkipz...

I have finally obtained the regular standing clear mudkip kid from ebay, and thus I have one of every single mudkip kid release :)

Some other tiny gets. Pulled a groudon EX full art. The Oshawott and Mewtwo figures are from fallengone as an easter gift.

The mcDonalds snivy was from work. I found him on the floor at work and his tail was missing. I eventually found it an hour later and glued it back on using super glue. Poor thing :(

Went to target and got the Kyogre TCG set justfor the figure.

Snubull line zukan was from sorjei's sales. Another great addition for my zukan collection :)

Time for work gets!

All these :O I was shocked at the pikachu pillow and Sinnoh pokedex!

Giratina pokedoll!! My bff got him, and named him Worm XD

More books XD

My co-worker gave me the coins. She just said "here you go.We have no use for these."

More pokemon plush!

I kept shaymin as my bff got the rest xD

After these new arrivals, I had to reorganise!

Well that is all for this ypdate now, thansk for reading!

Oh one more thing, I'd like to initiate a trade if possible:

You can see that Groudon REALLY loves me, since I got 5 of them. I'd like to trade 2 of these for 2 Double Crisis Team Aqua's Kyogre EX.

If you'd like to trade with me, just comment on here :D I'd prefer USA only for now.

My feedback is here!

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