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New gets

Hello everyone!

I know that most of my posts have been collection updates but I do hope to soon have a wants post up. This time around I have gotten a variety of things. Also I was wondering if anyone could tell me where are good places to order recent pokemon center things is. I have been using someone on eBay but was hoping to find somewhere with better prices.I also had a question for anyone who collects kid figures, does ampharos have a shiny or clear figure and where is a good place to buy kid figures. Any info would be appreciated.

got this lot of kid figures. I am thinking of starting a kid figure collection along with everything else I collect. There just so adorable and have so many varieties. I pretty much bought this lot for one reason though.....
shiny swellow! I have always enjoyed swellows design and wanted a kid figure of it. I didn't think that the first swellow kid I got would be shiny.
(couldn't get the picture to move) Just a size comparison of the pokemon center rayquaza and the shiny mega rayquaza. I don't recall seeing a comparison of the two so I thought it could be useful.
For my birthday my parents let me get a bunch of plush from The primal groudon, primal kyogre, mega septile, mega swampert, and rayquaza I have been wanting since I first saw them but shipping would have been way too high. The pokedolls are my first new ones in months. When I opened the box's I did not expect the primal plush to be so big. I had seen pictures of them but was not expecting them to be this big.
a good friend of mine gave me her old pokemon plush for my birthday. I was very greatful to get these as I had most of them but without their hang tags. But one of them was more special than the rest, the Kyogre pokedoll. I have wanted one of these since I first started collecting and it even has its hang tag.
some settie's from methuselah31010 (sorry I couldn't get it to become a link) sales. Mareep I only got because I like the pose and staraptor I wanted since sinnoh was my first region and staraptor played a big part in my team in those games. One of the best parts about the staraptor settie's is that on the attack sheet it is using brave bird, my favourite move from the anime.
bonus pic of all three hoenn region mega starters plush

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