beanie_plant (beanie_plant) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Gets and Collection shows!

Hey Beanie here and I got a new pokemon plush to add to my collection from the American Pokemon Center! A Sableye, I've named her Vanessa, cause I'ma dork.

Also I promised to post some pics of my collection. It's mostly plushies. Those are also under this cut.

First here is like my whole Plush collection as a whole!

Then I split it up since it's hard to see everything from that pic.

That blastoise and gengar plushes I got back when I was ten and have kept them this long! I used to have a mewtwo as well...but I had a fit, didn't care for him, and he became a dog toy.

Now my magnum opus! My totodiles!!

And a togepi...because I have two of them? Shrug.

Last but not least all the figures and misc art books and folders.

Tags: collection, collection update

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