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Two months of gets

I feel like all of my gets posts start with a "I've been telling myself to post this for weeks but I've been too busy" and this one's no exception :P

Here you have all the stuff I've received over the last two months!

2015-03-10 15.10.31.jpg2015-03-10 15.43.26.jpgno title
First - zukans! I bought a set and split it with a friend, I kept the Dragalge line and... what's this unassembled mess?

2015-03-10 15.55.20.jpg
Groudon: RHAAAAAA!!!
Okay, that looks much better.

Next is a box I got from fluna_daiyunel! It includes three TCG booster packs, my plushies from a GA we hosted, a poster her friend managed to get for me and lots of Kid figures, some of which she gave to me - thanks again! <3
2015-03-11 16.04.47.jpg

2015-03-12 10.05.56.jpgno title
Unfortunately I did't pull any of the cards I was looking for from the packs, however I got a very cool holo Treecko! As for this Torchic, he had a previous owner and he arrived looking pretty dirty and without any limbs so I pulled his filling out, cleaned him and gave him a new strap, and new wings and feetsies. A clean chic is a happy chic.

2015-03-17 20.25.48.jpg
I got a FromJapan package short after that and got these two cool Psychic cats. There's something about the way Banpresto translates Pokémon into plush that makes them look so cute yet close to the original designs - something I'd like Pokémon Center to do more often, as some PokéDolls are so exaggerated they lose part of the original design's personality, in my opinion. So as soon as I saw those two in an auction I bought them, and they're adorable! Their names are Sigma and Phi, and you get cool points if you get the reference :P

2015-03-25 16.01.56.jpg2015-03-30 16.22.17.jpg
Next - two 'mons for my main collections from some comm group buys! A Mega-Lucario pin badge to go with my Mega-Blaziken from absol, and a rare Blaziken figure that came in a base that shoots missiles from raymence. It's hilarious :P

2015-04-21 16.02.31.jpgno title
Two more gets from the comm, the 2015 pathtag from akeyma and a Team Aqua pin from peppermmints. I need a Team Magma pin to go with it so if you're selling one or know where to get it, let me know!

And the last of my community gets is something quite elusive I've wanted for some time... It's small, soft, grey, with a curly tail and always carries around a pearl. Does that ring a bell?
no title
Bane-BOO! It's the Hasbro Spoink plush! starpurrloin had one in their sales and they traded it with me. I couldn't be happier with this plush, not only he is the only Grumpig line plush there is out there, but he's just adorable! He's very soft and squishy and matches and fits into my favourite hoodie, which makes a great excuse to take him to any future tournaments I might attend :P  Thanks again Wooper!

To finish this bunch of gets, I'll show you my last FJ package, which contained two angry Hoenn mons, stickers, and a chicken:

And here you have my PokéPark Rayquaza hat (someone's going to be jealous), a Metagross UFO plush that agui_chan spotted (thanks!), some Amada stickers of Pokémon I like, and a diorama Blaziken. Waver and Rider sneaked in to say hi!

I've updated my sales post with the spare Amada stickers on top of the figures and cards/stickers I usually sell. There's a preview:

Please click on my (sparkling new!) banner to go to my sales post:

My next post will be pretty exciting - I've got some cool things coming, plus it'll be my anniversary here! See you next time, then :D
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