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Quick intro, wants and a question

Hello, i've recently just joined and you can call me Dev (though my real name is Lara). I joined in the hopes of beginning to collect pokedolls again (particularly Japanese ones)! I had a Mudkip pokedoll way back when but sold him in a lot years ago, along with the rest of my collection. This intro is brief, but maybe I'll expand on it in the future! It's nice to meet you all and be accepted to the comm ;u; ! Thank-you! I have some wants under the cut!
I'm not in a hurry but I am actively seeking them! I wanted to begin with the Japanese pokedolls: Reshiram and Zekrom (tagged):

Managed to get Reshiram, now all I'm looking for is Zekrom!

Please let me know if you're selling them and thank-you. I believe they're a bit difficult to come by but they are still existent (either way wish me luck) ;u; I would even be interested in just buying the tags at this point as there are a few tagless ones floating around online which I'm watching. Shipping would be to the UK.

I also have more wants here (its still a tad empty and some of them are still available in store), but I'm prioritising these two for now! and if you have japanese pokedolls for sale, feel free to comment your stores/auctions and such! I'll most likely bookmark them and possibly buy/watch them (I already have bookmarked a few sales pages)

I also have a question about the re-releases of pokedolls?  Does anyone know how that works? I was presuming they'd re-release Sceptile, Blaziken and Swampert pokedolls because of ORAS but I guess they released the secret base pokedolls instead. Do you think they'll be re-released? or any other re-releases for that matter? Who would you like to be re-released?

Hopefully I did this post right and if not, please tell me so I'll look over the rules again ; v ; and my writing can be a bit blaeh/a pain to read sometimes but thanks for reading ;v;
Tags: introductions, wants
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