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Benny Woolley

April Sales and a chatty auction

Howdy folks! I hope the weather and season is treating you well! :)
I've not had the greatest start to the year, but things are starting to get back to normal, and I can 100% say that we're good to ship again, so I'm reopening my sales! Thank you to the kind folks who have kept in touch in this time, love you guys.

Just a few simple bits today, to get us rolling! Plush at the top, plastics and flats down below!

Up for auction is a talky chatty Eevee! See under the cut below for more.

Then the rest is straight sales - here is a sample of what's on offer below the cut! I'm also selling some of my own collection items, so there's some deals and combos I don't usually offer, and a few I will not offer again.

Also some Stadium XD sticker packs featuring eeveelutions and legendaries:

12" Raichu Play by Play backpack - Looking for $55 shipped - open to haggling within reason.

  • The fur is new condition and clean, there is little to no piling or rubbing on the edges of his feet and ears.

  • His cheeks are clean and still flocked.

  • His stitching is tight and feels new.

  • HIs tush tag is like new.

  • Again, click pics to embiggen.


Raichu Friends Plush - looking for $25 shipped - open to haggling

**BONUS OFFER** If bought with Raichu Backpack this little guy is only $15 with no extra shipping cost

I Love Pikachu 11" Zip Pouch - MWT - $25 shipped
brand new and clean despite pic making him look grey.

Banpresto Laying Lucario - $20 shipped - mint with tush tag

Banpresto Crochet Pachirisu - $15 shipped (clean and white despite photo)

Pokemon Time Growlithe MWT - one time offer - $65 shipped - no haggling

Super floppy, super soft suede-feel large Banpresto Pikachu sleepy plush - one time offer - $55 shipped

Large Minky Tomy Pokecen Buneary - $20 shipped - Comes with Dex charm
Pic for scale (click to enlarge):

(includes free charm)

For an additional $5 you may add this Buneary Banpresto laying plush (feet and tail are behind her butt)
ONLY available if you buy the Tomy.

Zukans $10 shipped:
(Each additonal zukan is +$6 instead of +$10)

Eeveelution Zukan - $15 shipped

Wigglytuff Collection - $20 shipped

Reshiram Collection - $15 shipped

Mewtwo Collection - $20 shipped

Dialga Collection - $20 shipped

Policloth - $10 shipped - $5 if bought with anything else

Movie Sticker pack - $10 each (+$4 shipping for any amount of sticker packs)
Each contains 80 stickers and a reusable diorama


Back (multiples of eaach design shown)

Stadium Sticker pack - $15 each - postage still $4 for any amount of sticker packs
Each contains 80 stickers and a reusable diorama



[AUCTION] Tomy Talking Eevee Plush
- Mint (bagged) with box parts (see pics)
- Tested and working
Bidding starts at $55 - Auction ends 6PM GMT on Sunday the 30th of April
- To bid, reply to the comment titled "Eevee Auction" below.

Shipping estimated $10-15 to USA - shipped in protective box.

- Prices include postage unless otherwise stated - this is Royal Mail standard international
- My Mum and I ship from the UK, from a pet and smoke free home
- All items are shipped with high levels of protection and packages sealed to a professional standard
- Sales permission granted in June 2011 by Dakajojo
- My feedback is here

Tags: buneary, dialga, eevee, mewtwo, pikachu, plush, raichu, reshiram, sales, wigglytuff
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