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My friend just found her old collection of 200+ Kanto & Johto Pokemon figures, and wanted me to help her sell them here. :) They are all going for $0.50 to $2 each only :D However, please note that alot of them are bootlegs, hence the super cheap price. There are some real TOMYs amongst these though, but I'm not really confident of stating which is which. If you need a larger photo, please don't hesitate to ask me! xD

Oh yes, each buyer is entitled to a freebie too, while stocks last! :)

P.S. iammyworld, andyboyh, nsoroma79, chaosoftwilight, glacidea, I have sent your Pokemon magnets out yesterday already :DDD Hope you guys'll like the freebie & receive the package soon!

Leave a comment stating which figure(s) you want & where you're located, & I'll get back to you with a shipping quote.
Although most of these are booties, they are pretty well made, as you can see for yourself in the photos. :) If you need a larger photo feel free to ask me for one! There's authentic TOMYs amongst these too, eg. Magneton, Grimer, Pichu, etc.
If you're looking for a certain figure, just press Ctrl+F and look for whichever figure you want. Most Pokemon #001-#250 are here! :)


$2 Figures - Ho-Oh, Lugia #1, Lugia #2, Lickitung, Robot Mewtwo, Typhlosion,
$1.50 Figures - Suicune, Raikou, Arcanine, Feraligatr, Entei, Rapidash

$2 Figures - Dragonair, Sandshrew, Lapras, Jolteon, Cyndaquil, Clear Gengar, Clear Arbok, Ponyta, Ampharos, Clear Scyther
$1.50 Figures - Azumarill (some paint rubs), Eevee, Dragonite

(cont.d) $2 Figures - Vaporeon, Flareon, Croconaw, Espeon, Umbreon, Flaaffy,
$1.50 Figures - Shiny Articuno, Quilava, Growlithe, Totodile

$2 Figures - Scizor, Magneton, Slowking, Togetic, Mareep, Marowak, Slowpoke
$1.50 Figures - Victreebel, Kabuto, Nidorina, Exeggcute, Igglybuff, Diglett, Goldeen, Venusaur

$2 Figures - Slowbro, Charizard, Jumpluff, Phanpy
$1.50 Figures - Togepi, Ninetales, Marill, Wooper, Voltorb, Magmar, Caterpie, Shuckle, Gloom, Ivysaur, Nidoran Female, Cubone, Kangaskhan

$2 Figures - Magnemite, Chikorita, Ghastly, Volbeat
$1.50 Figures - Hoppip, Steelix, Porygon 2, Vileplume, Nidoran MaleFurret, Shellder, Ledyba
$1 Figures - Sentret, Houndour, Dratini, Arbok, Nidoqueen, Tentacool

$2 Figures - Elekid
$1.50 Figures - Koffing, Weezing, Dugtrio, Tentacruel, Kingler, Wartortle, Magby, PorygonZ
$1 Figures - Tentacruel, Golbat, Yanma, Cleffa, Rhydon, Farfetch'd, Spinarak, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Chinchou

$2 Figures - Scyther, Mew, Grimer, Ledian
$1.50 Figures - Sandslash, Charmeleon, Mr. Mime, Pidgeotto,
$1 Figures - Oddish, Houndoom, Wobbuffet, Dodrio, Seel, Smeargle

$2 Figures - Electabuzz, Horsea, Seadra
$1.50 Figures - Gligar, Zubat, Golduck, Psyduck, Aerodactyl, Donphan, Blissey
$1 FiguresPinsir, Quagsire, Pidgey, Omastar, Golem, Venonat, Piloswine

$1.50 Figures - Krabby, Onix, Kabutops, Dewgong
$1 Figures - Jynx, Paras, Spearow, Hitmontop, Girafarig, Snubbull, Clefable, Omanyte, Rattata, Wigglytuff, Geodude, Ariados

$1.50 Figures - Pichu, Zapdos, Unown, Ditto
$1 Figures - Exeggcutor, Poliwrath, Smoochum, Rhyhorn, Machamp, Natu, Kadabra, Snorlax, Parasect, Persian, Tangela, Electrode

$1.50 Figures - Muk,  Pidgeotto
$1 FiguresMagcargo, Bayleef, Aron, Ursaring, Houndoom, Jigglypuff, Remoraid, Clefairy, Tyrogue, Stantler, Wigglytuff, Kakuna, Noctowl, Meowth, Primeape

$1.50 Figures - Sudowoodo, Magikarp, Swinub, Haunter
$1 Figures - Nidoking, Hitmonlee, Delibird, Raticate, Seaking, Cloyster, Poliwhirl, Weedle, Abra, Staryu

$1 Figures - Meganium, Electabuzz, Xatu, Starmie, Tauros, Vulpix, Doduo, Clefairy, Nidorino, Miltank, Sunkern
$0.50 Figures - Pineco, Alakazam, Graveler, Graveler, Slugma, Raticate, Chansey, Hoothoot, Heracross, Granbull

Each buyer gets to pick one of these free! :D Or if you wish to buy them alone, $0.50 each. Alot of these are bad booties though ><

Available: (Left to right, top to bottom) Poliwag, Gyarados, Hitmonchan, Hariyama, Butterfree, Misdreavus, Blastoise, Lanturn, Xatu, Magcargo, Skiploom, Kirlia, Eevee, Murkrow, Corsola, Tyranitar, Sunflora, Seadra, Venomoth, Aipom, Forretress, Moltres, Qwilfish, Machoke, Squirtle

Available: (Left to right, top to bottom) Fearow, Corsola, Skarmory, Crobat, Dunsparce, Hypno, Bellsprout, Bellossom's head (my friend has been mistreating her Pokeyz haha), Blastoise, Metapod, Beedrill, Machop, Mankey, Politoed, White Mewtwo :o, Larvitar, Forgot name again!!, Raichu, Teddiursa, Ekans

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