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new gets and collection website update

(I wonder how many times I have to type all this up until I manage to post this without losing everything.)

Anyway, I had to do a lot of reorganizing this week to make room for some new arrivals, so let me introduce them. Here's a little preview of arguably my most favorite recent gets. (See the contents and others under the cut! Warning: somewhat image heavy!)

Before we see the contents of the package, let's take a look at the Haunter Settei! I'm really excited to have this but strangely enough this was a very recent want of mine. I'm not really after them because I hate having to think of them getting crushed underneath all my stuff or getting lost somewhere, but when I looked up Haunter's settei recently, I knew I just had to make an exception. It was the first page above that motivated me to go ahead and search for it and literally right after I looked him up on Y!J, I found that page sold in a lot of other settei. I just happen to find the second page among the lot when it arrived and although it's much less entertaining compared the funny expressions in the first one, I love them both and got them framed yesterday. :D

This is the first item I pulled out from the package - a pencil board promoting the 5th Pokemon Movie. I can't describe how much I love the art on this piece. It has everything I love from the movie: Latias worried about her brother, Latios getting into action, Misty and Ash competing, Totodile being Totodile, lovey dovey Brock, Annie and Oakley being Annie and Oakley, and Team Rocket getting soaked while chowing down. I know this art is featured in most of the promotional goods (see my double clearfile as an example), but they tend to leave something out (the city background or the little characters in the background), but this piece includes them all!

This is the backside of the pencil board - art promoting the Pikachu Camp short film. I love that Totodile is in it, and it's a nice warm scene overall. For the life of me I can't figure out if the star constellations are supposed to represent Pokemon. =/

This is another item from the package. A Pikachu and Pichu bros insulated lunchbox to promote the short film I'm guessing. It's a neat item but I don't know if I want to keep it or let it go to another collector who would appreciate it more. It's unused anyway.

This mat is about 23.5 x 31.5x inches. It's great that they included the Pokemon from the short film on the bottom but the focus is clearly on Pikachu and the Pichu bros again. I definitely like it for Totodile but I don't know if this is something I want to keep because I don't really have room to display it.

The sticker sheet at the top is the last item from the package. I love all the little stickers from the film especially the Latis. I'm probably going to preserve this. ><

Speaking of Latis, here's an item that I've been after for ages! Y!J didn't even have any for a reasonable price, but thankfully some kind comm member sold there's for a very fair price and I had to snatch it up. I think this piece is precious and I love the way they are posed back to back like that. <3

I didn't know this existed until I surfed through Y!J! I was lucky to find this Purakoro dice MIB but to my dismay I found out that there are four expressions of Haunter that I would need to collect to get the whole set. Of course they only include one dice per box and you won't know which one you have until you open it. ;-;

I got Pose C which is super adorable imo. <3

I actually got this one earlier this month or late last March but didn't post it. My first Morty item and first official Morty item - the V-trainer! It's a shame Haunter isn't featured here (but hey, they had to include a Johto region Pokemon I guess). I still have a few of these V-trainers from the Kanto era - some of which I didn't open because I found out I couldn't play with them until I had the right screwdrivers to open the hatch to put in the battery. e.e Anyway, I can't wait until my other Morty items arrive! ;-;

Yet another piece I didn't know existed until I came across it on Y!J. (Gosh this place is scary yet wonderful.) I admit I avoided collecting stickers and flats in general because I can't display them properly and I know I'll end up losing them among all my other stuff, but this seal holder changes everything! The best part is it promotes the 3rd Pokemon movie which features Entei which is a double WIN! I need more cool 3rd movie promotional items like this one.

It's the oldest Entei Banpresto plush that was released with Pikachu, Pichu, and the other two legendary beasts (from 2000)! My dad said he looked like a dinosaur when I took him out of the box. XD But seeing as this is one of the oldest if not THE oldest Entei plush, he isn't entirely wrong. XD It certainly is different from my other Entei plush that have embroidered eyes. I still love him even if he does look dorky.

I honestly got this for Latias and Latios but I have a rekindled appreciation for old transportations toys again so I love that I could find this and add it to my collection. It's supposed to be a plane loading truck for the ANA line and it's made 1/78th scale of the real loading truck.

Again, I originally got this for Latias and Latios (and Entei and Lugia which you can barely see on the other side), but it's a pretty cool jet magnet that's supposed to represent the real ANA jet that was running back in 2002-2004? I also bought a full model plane with the same design that's currently on its way. :D

That was a lot of stuff! Thanks for looking. <3

I've also updated my collection website to include all my latest gets (including even more pictures of the ones featured in this post if you're interested in close-ups). I still have a few more things coming in including my long-awaited Morty custom plush so stay tuned!

If you're interested in specific Pokemon, here's a list:
Umbreon/Espeon and Umbreon & Espeon Pair Items
Haunter & Morty
Houndour/Houndoom/Mega Houndoom
Charizard (and Charmander)
ANA Goods (featuring Latias, Latios, Entei, and other legends and Pokemon outside my collection)
Others (Totodile, other canines, Misty, Gyarados, etc.)

Also, if you have stuff on my wants list, I could be interested! :D
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