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New Gets and Mini Sales

New gets and some mini sales! Lots of photos here, and of course, I updated my Vulpix collection page as well. :)

I also have several LOTS on eBay right now, in addition to the few items I have for sale on this post.

I couldn't resist Freshers. <3 Especially because I work IT for a big company. His glasses got a little messed up in the mail, but he's still darling.

Here he is at work with me, haha.

Some of these are older gets, but I decide to photograph my whole plate collection. I love sophisticated Pokemon Center items, and the plates are a huge weakness of mine. The fire Pokemon plate is hanging above my sink in the kitchen. The Pikachu in the Farm set is new!

In fact, I got a TON of Pikachu in the farm stuff from our own kitzune. <3 It's totally adorable.

BIG towel! Much bigger than I thought.

Glass set and plate set! The plates are decorative, but I'm going to use the glasses. :)

And Secret Base Pikachu is currently chilling out in my sunroom. He's one of the most darling little Pikachu plush out there right now. <3 I love him to bits.

I finally obtained the Weezing zukan, and have had to add an extra shelf to accomodate him! The poison types have all moved onto a separate shelf, as you can see.

The magnet GA was a huge success, and I was able to get my Vulpix magnet! <3 I've got her on the fridge with Koffing and Weezing, who are my boyfriend's favorites. I like how Koffing is like peering up at Vulpix with that silly smile.

This Christmas promo was super cute, but when I found out Vulpix was featured on some of the design, I had to get at least the clearfile. XD

I was able to snag the Pokemon Shuffle lottery mug with Vulpix on it from denkimouse!

The other sides of the mug, for the curious. There are a lot of Pokemon featured!

This darling clock features many sleeping Pokemon, including dear Vulpix. Funny story, I originally had this clock back in college, but sold it off because it was so large and I didn't have much space at the time. Well, then I had to find it all over again when I realized I wanted it for the collection. XD But luckily I found it in a big lot on YJ and didn't have to pay too much for it. It's still not an item that I have on display, but I think someday I may be able to put it somewhere. It would actually look very cute in a classroom or a nursery.

This tin was purchased from chocolate_chip! It features all of the type-focus Pokemon, but for some reason, even though Vulpix was not included on any other type focus material, she WAS featured on the Castform tin. :o

The top

Speaking of tins, here's a nice shot of all of my tins together. I'm a sucker for them, as you can see! I've also started storing a lot of my figures and small plush in them, so everything takes up a lot less room than when I had separate containers for the figures.

Pencil set featuring Vulpix (AND Weezing/Koffing, haha) I bought this from a community member, but I've forgotten who. T_T

MIP Tomy Vulpix figure! A lucky eBay find since the seller had misspelled Vulpix's name.

Who's that little guy??

Well, he's not so little, but it's another Rainbow Promotion Pikachu! <3 I love mine so much, and so did my sister. So I decided to get one for her to hug all she wants for her birthday. Hers is on the left. It was a pretty good deal on YJ, and since it comes already a little more "hugged" than mine (although wonderful condition with tag and all) it was all ready for more loving. :)

Speaking of the Rainbow promotion, I also managed to get two pins from that promo! The design for Pikachu in that promotion is just darling, so I'm happy to have the pins to match. :D

I recently displayed all of my Pokemon Time straps up on my bulletin board, as well! Since I don't display a whole lot of my collection at once, I like to try to display all of my charms and straps where I can. I enjoy seeing them, and they don't look too cluttered up on my board. New additions include Chikorita (who is a bit hidden) and Umbreon. I'm still looking for an Espeon, if anyone has one for sale.

And a shot of all of my "big" figures! All of them are the DX Tomy figures, except Spheal, Wooper, and Omanyte, who are Jacks, and the sitting Vulpix, which is the Hasbro talking figure.


Sales permission granted in 2009 by lineaalba.
Feedback can be found here.
I ship from the US, and am a slow shipper. Things can take 1-2 weeks to go out, especially if you are international.
Shipping is $3.50 in the US, and $8 international. PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR A QUOTE.

I also have several LOTS on eBay right now.

Goomy Planner, Brand New in Package - $15

Sleeping Bulbasaur! Yours will come with the base still in bubble wrap, as well as a little pot of mulch or something. I'm not sure what they're supposed to do, but he's a heavier figure (not made of plastic). The insert is also shown below. - $20

Sleeping Treeko - $5

Pikachu and Pichu Bros NIP Big Figure - $20

Thanks for looking! <3 <3
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