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grail want

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having an absolutely beautiful pokemon-y day. ^-^
I just wanted to make a little wants post. A Grail wants post! Yes, I'm searching for my Grail and I want all of you to know about it. This way, I have a higher chance of getting it. :) You guys are so amazing, so friendly, and I could really use your help! Woohoo pkmncollectors.
So! I am searching for...
The Banpresto DX Skitty Plush!

I am willing to offer around $100 depending on its condition. I will offer a considerably higher price if it is in perfect condition w/ hang tag. I can send payment immediately and I am located in the U.S.

Even if you don't have it for sale, I would love you forever if you could keep an eye out for me!

Also! I will post a collection update soon. One of my packages was lost in the mail, but it should be here sometime this week. I'll also have a MEGA BIG get to share with you all!!! I've been looking at glass display cases for everything because my collection is exploding, thanks to the community! I'm so so so happy and grateful for this. <3

Don't forget to take a look at my wants list!
Thank you for reading. n_n
Tags: grail, plush, skitty
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