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A Few Months of Gets + Ceta-Birdie Wants

Hello community!
It's been a while since I last updated, just been busy with life things and this winter has been really tough (it seems like that for a lot of people, huh? ).
Anyway, I just wanted to show off my gets from the past five months as well as posting some wants!

Major Collection: Lugia

2015 PC plush, 10th Anniversary movie charm with stand, Gold and Silver Ho-oh and Lugia keychain, regular and clear straps, pink cereal figure, chupa figure, clear stadium figure, Moncolle Plus figure, bathsalt figure, TOMY battle pose figure, clip, Amada sticker, water squirter, suction cup figure, Pokemon 2000 movie pin, misc figure, clear kid, older DX kid, Gasphon figure

I've been more focused on collecting Lugias as of late and thus why he has had more updates than my other collections. I love all the new additions to my collections. I kind of wish the new plush was made with better design (it seems like they made him a bit cheaply than previous PC Lugia plushies, like with thin fins and the weird pattern for his head and beak), but the materials are very soft and I'm glad he got a new plush since he'll be in the new Pokemon film.

Major Collection: Lapras

TOMY DX Vinyal Soft figure, battle stadium figure, multicolor figures, amada sticker, clear figure, gold metal figure, blue plastic figure, settei
Very small for a major collection, but very happy with what I got. I was very lucky to get the vinyal figure for a very decent price and such excellent condition since I've seen them go up over $200. I also really love the copy of settei (I love concept artwork) of Lapras using Ice Beam; which I believed was used in a gym episode of the anime when Ash was in the Orange Islands. I love all my new additions and the multicolored Laprases remind me of candy.

Minor Collections: Goomy, Latias, Milotic, Lanturn

Latias Petit plush keychain, 2014 PC Latias plush, 2015 PC Mega Latias plush, Latias and Latios Petit straps, Milotic Petit plush keychain, Milotic water squirter, Lanturn line zukan, New Year Sleepy Goomy figure, 1:1 Goomy Promo plush.
Lots of goodies for my minor collections. Lots of Latis due to the release of OR/AS and they are just so soft and adorable like PC Lugia. Happy to see Milotic has finally gotten an official plush released of her! Now we just her as a Pokedoll. It's also been a while since I got something with Lanturn; that pudgey angler-dolphin needs more merchandise. My favorite has to be the lifesize Goomy plush; he's so soft and squishy without the slime!

Misc. Items

2014 Pokemon Time 3DS soft cover, Pokemon Time Blaziken strap, Hyper Size TOMY Kyogre figure, Primal Kyogre preorder figures
I wanted to get something to cover and protect my 3DS, so I looked into getting one that had the Pokemon Time promotion on it. Unfortunely, I couldn't find the one I orignally wanted (the 2013 cover), but I got the 2014 one and has served me well. I also got a Blaziken Pokemon Time strap and had it on my 3DS for a while until I decided to switch him out for my Pokemon Time Latis straps. The TOMY Kyogre figure was a Christmas gift from my fiance's brother's family and I also got both releases of the Primal Kyogre preorder figures.

I also have some wants! I wanted to ask the community first before I got wandering through other sites online.

Holy Grail: Giant Lugia Plush
1. 2001 Pokemon Friends Lugia plush
2. Lotto "Floppy" Lugia plush
3. Clear Lugia attack kid
4. Lugia and/or Bird Trio stamp(s) (I really would just like Lugia, but I can take the rest of the birds if they are all in original package)
5. Lugia Minicot figure

I also wanted to ask if anyone might be selling extra footprint bases or extra zukan bases and pegs? I would like to find one for my Lugia footprint figure and one for my Lanturn line zukan pieces.

That's all for now. Thank you so much for looking!
Tags: blaziken, collection update, goomy, kyogre, lanturn, lapras, latias, lugia, milotic

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