pepperzark (pepperzark) wrote in pkmncollectors,

the one and only auction reminder! as well as an amiibo question

My auctions end in less than 24 hours :) Anything that is without a bid will probably be thrown into a lot and auctioned off on eBay, so please give these guys a loving home!

Da auctions:

Also, I have a question about amiibos. I know some people order their's from other countries. What website(s) do you guys use to order them? I went to ToysRUs this morning to preorder Greninja, but they only had 10 and I was 11th in line...I'm pretty sure a guy or two cut to the front too because I could have sworn I was 9th in line before the lady came out to give us the slip of paper...I have a feeling Greninja is going to be like Lucario and impossible to find when he is released and I don't mind having one from another country, I just really want him because he's one of my favorite Pokemon and one of my mains on SSB4. I hate that the 4 amiibos that I planned to get are all shaping up to be impossible to find :/ I was able to preorder Lucario, but I'm having the worst luck ever with Greninja. I'm sure Mewtwo will be the same when he's released, so the only break I will have will HOPEFULLY be Charizard. I have a feeling he will be a more common one once he's released but I could be wrong T.T

Another thing, what's up with the PC website!? Half of the stock is gone! I was hoping to order the PC Greninja plush but he's gone and I was looking for other things and most of it's gone as well! Hopefully they will restock. I can wait.

I also reorganized my collection a little. I had to store more of it away for now, but I was able to make enough room to display all of my Pokedolls (with the exception of my two Reshirams and my White Kyurem because they're too big ^^;)

As you can see, my 1:1 Treecko is their leader! (mostly because he's too big to be stored with my other Pokemon aha!)

Now, time for pepperzark's random question of the day! I know we all get tired of eeveelution merchandise sometimes because there's so much of it, but I'm sure we all love at least one of them :) Who's your favorite eeveelution and why!? Mine is Jolteon :) Always has been, always will be! I just love the design and if Pokemon were real, I could see myself having one on my team and outside of it's Pokeball at all times like Ash's Pikachu :) or maybe a Zoroark in the form of a Jolteon XD or both aha!

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