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Big news, Updated Japan sales & shipping update! :)

First off, guess what? I GOT MY TICKET TO JAPAN!!! :') <3 <3 <3 *Throws confetti*!
I leave June 4th and come home June 15th! I couldn't be more excited and I COULD NOT have done it without all of you guys. I seriously mean that. Literally 90% of my ticket came from sales made off of this amazing comm. :')
A thousand thanks to you guys, you are absolutely amazing. :D
Now I just need to save up for pocket money, food etc. We've got our hotel as well for most of the days. ^__^

SECONDLY, I've shipped out the second batch of packages and have contacted everyone whose package was shipped Friday!
There's one more little batch consisting of the following members:
pikabulbachu m14mouse pepperzark zigguppafu elcardenal12 inkwaffles12 shaymin & shinamishi
Your packages will be shipped by the weekend, perhaps earlier! (Finals are rolling around though and it may tough to find time in between. >_<)

Thirdly I've added a few more LOTS (which can also be sold separately) of 'mons I've decided not to collect in non-flat versions anymore (also to try and get a little more $$$ for hotel and fun times in Japan!)  These consist of Ditto, my dear Rotom and a few others. I've also added more figures such as human kids, vtrainer figures and more to the figures section and a few more flats to the flats section! :D

Preview below! :D
(Click any to be transported)
Please do note there is a LOT MORE than added in the preview! ;D

(Another user seemed interested but then didn't respond after my last inquiry so I am posting this Arbok/Ekans lot here, however they are welcome to purchase it as well. :))

We still have flats galore still! <3
no title

Thanks for looking! ^__~ <3
Tags: arbok, articuno, ditto, ekans, meganium, minun, plusle, rotom
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