• Koz • (kozinu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
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M0ar poke box hunts! Vap & Esp

I've found some amazing deals here and should have another collection update by the end of the week! X3 Seriously you're all so awesome, I'm so thrilled I found this group! I finally got feedback to work and got my first feedback too!! Thank you Splash! :3 ♡♡♡

Now.. I need your help! I can't seem to find these little guys anywhere. Any chance anyone has them or has seen them for sale?

I am willing to make a good offer on them. These are my MOST wanted charms. My grails of charms really. I would just die if I could get that dessert Vap! X.x

Especialy this dessert Espeon!!!

Feel free to message here or on FB (/kozinu) or on my site's contact form: http://akparchym/kozi</p>

Thanks for reading and for being the awesome people that you are! :3 ♡

Tags: charms, espeon, grail, vaporeon, wants
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