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European Kids Group Buy! - Updated 5/18

UPDATE: Our kids arrived! Dialga IS clear; it seems to fit snug in the black container so I'll just leave it there.
I'll include the picture of the backing with each Pokemon.
My Gengar IS slightly different! The mold is different than the Japanese one; it's "skinnier" on the right side. I'll be making a post about the EU releases of kid figures later.

I didn't know Gengar got an European release of his Attack kid! I found this pack today and I'm ready to make my wallet cry but maybe some of you will want some of the kids in this pack? The secret figure is Dialga. HappyJolteon says the Dialga in this set is CLEAR and there are significant paint job differences. See their pictures below!

Each kid is $5.05 before fees.
I ship from the USA. I do ship internationally. Domestic shipping starts at $2.08 and Int. starts at $6.31.

I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia.
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kidgengar/

These are European releases, so if this follows the trend of my North American Gengar kid, the branding on the back of the figure will be different. It appears the branding is the same; there MIGHT be color differences from their Japanese counterparts. But I can't say this 100%, however, if you're a completionist, you might still want these guys.

Gengar - Me
Bibarel - zigguppafu
Monferno - Me
Onix -
Dialga - galestork
Chingling -

Also, sorry if anyone was disappointed in the Gym leaders clear file GA. I did find a host but they had some issues with the time the auctions ended. I had deleted the post and didn't feel like bugging again asking for another host. Someone PMd me later asking what had happened to the GA so I thought I would address this publicly for anyone that was interested. Again, sorry!
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