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Months worth of gets

Hello community!

It sure has been a good while since I said anything about my collection and all, I blame it to the "I'll post once I get this and that on the mail" and keep buying things you want to show XD;

During this time I also rearranged a shelf getting to display things more efficiently so... let's check what I've gotten!

As you can see Kids have taken over the space around my keyboard now that the Zukans found a lovely place on the shelf I rearranged so they could watch over me while I'm on the computer!
I'm really happy with this display, it looks so tidy and nice with the Lucario figures behind and some of my Kids on those boxes I glued a couple magnets to so they can be showcased behind my monitor <3

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They are in a kind of chronological order! First of all my Charizard UFO of course, which I managed to get at long last and complete the final Kanto starters' evolution set, I'm so happy to have him ;w;
Next to Charizard we can see the tushtagless Bidoof line, Bibarel was relatively easy to get but... oh man... Bidoof... I never thought I'd get it, but when I saw it without a tushtag I knew it was my chance and my oh my it sure was! He's so squishy and soft ;w; <3

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Pansage (his name is Bro, like the one I had in BW) was so cheap (he came with the other two monkeys, who I split with a couple friends) I just had to go for him, as for his photo partners... they are so soft my fingers melt! I was waiting to see if Pokemon Center would ever release a Pumpkaboo PD, but seeing they weren't I went for the PC one <3
I'm really glad they rereleased the subbies, I've wanted one for the longest time and now I'm the happy owner of one <3 I don't think he'll ever take my place at school or anything, but he seems to be enjoying his time on my desk now.

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While going through Yahoo I was lucky enough to find some really cheap plushes, them being Snover (his name is Pichiwichi) and Wobbuffet. The bidding on Wobbu was one to remember, I knew I'd have some competition but I got really lucky that the one I had gave up when their highest bid was 3 yen lower than my maximum XD
Plusle was a must after getting Minun months ago... I didn't think it'd be this hard seeing how back when I got Minun there were a lot of Plusle PDs up for bids on Yahoo!
Whimsihula is a especial Whimsicott PD, I had followed him for a long time, knowing he'd come with me... no one was bidding on him because the neck fluff was around his waist, until someone tried to take him away from me and I had to step in and bid u_ú after receiving him I checked how indeed the neck fluff was misplaced because of the arms going over it (I can put it in place), but he looks so adorable like this I don't have the heart to remove his hula-fluff.
On this photo the only one not coming from Japan is Drifloon canvas! Instead he came from hebilea , I'm really happy to have this guy with me, I never thought I'd find an affordable one ;w; <3

Now that we checked most of my fluffy gets let's go to the more solid ones...
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Amiibo and Figuarts!
The Figuarts was a Xmas gift from ishtaryasha <3 and I got the Amiibo thanks to her too; I don't think I'll ever take them out of their packaging... it just looks too nice new and all <3

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And this is the Team Magma and Team Aqua corner I'm working on, with agui_chan's wonderful swap art in the middle <3
I'm looking for old Team Magma TCG coin, so if you have it maybe we can work out a trade for something on my sales post, speaking of which...

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My sales post is open once more! I added a lot of flats, Kids, and some other figures that might interest you guys c: Click the banner to be transported!
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