Lotad (lotad) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small gets, collection site update & quick want.

So today, I got a huge box of kid figures. :'D (And a few non-Pokemon items as well.)
I apologize for my living room's lighting, it makes everything look so..weird.

To conserve space, I've bundled my excitement under the cut.~

ANYWAY, guess who was in that beautiful lot that I'm so excited about? :3

A Donphan kid figure! :'3 I ordered this lot like, a month ago and it took so long to get here..honestly, I didn't even know Donphan was part of the lot!

He's so cute with Phanpy. ;u;

I also got these awesome clear Lunatone and Solrock kid figures. :D
These came from the same seller, I honestly forgot about these. xD

I also got this super rad Munchlax coin. I remember getting these when I was younger, they came in packs of cards, if I recall correctly? :o
What type of coin is this?

ALSO, I have a quick question!
Do any of you have Instagram accounts, where you post pictures of your collection? :o I followed someone from the community yesterday, and I'd love to follow more of you! :D
Comment with your instagram username and I'll follow you, or follow me at @synysterxskittles

And on to my wants..
Does anyone have this super cute Phanpy tin for sale? ;o;

Someone was selling it on the community the other day, but shuffled their extra items into lots on eBay. /sigh.

Also, I've updated my collection site! The Pokemon's icons across the screen can be clicked to navigate between collections, making it smooth to transition between the two sites (because I'm not paying for an extra few pages ;P)

If you want, you can check it out here.~
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