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More New PokeMikke Goods

Hello collectors~!! (・ω・)ノ☆

I've turned into a lurker the past several months.. but I am coming out of hiding because I want to talk about PokeMikke!

I really love these goods, the design is just so cute, and I haven't seen the newer announcements posted here yet.

Zipper Pouches (two styles): 1,800 yen each
Tissue Pouch: 1,600 yen
Glasses Case (two designs): 1,280 yen each
Pass Case (two designs): 1,400 yen
Lunch Container: 1,800 yen
Mini Tote Bag: 2,200 yen
Round Containers: 1,200 yen
Chopsticks (two designs): 550 yen each

The Pokemon Center also has other goods not announced such as a placemat, travel mirror, toothbrushes, and mini combs. I will take pictures the next time I see them (the ones I took last time were all blurry!)

Sales Info: Feedback & Sales Rules
*Sales permission granted like 500 years ago in 2008

Pickup List:
1. shinykamon - Pikachu/Piplup pass case *PAID*
2. dragonitelove68 - Schedule stickers (both designs), decorative tape (B & C), mascot keychain *PAID*
3. peppermmints - Schedule stickers (both designs), small clearfile (design A), chopsticks (pink package) *PAID*
4. superfluousmeg - Chopsticks (both designs), schedule stickers (both designs), pass case (both designs), zippered pouch (round), melamine cup (pink) *PAID*
5. jagged_steel - Three-pocket clearfile (B), magnet & pen set (both designs), glasses case (both designs 5 Pokemon design), pass case (Pikachu/Piplup) *PAID*
6. wobbuwhit - Glasses case (patterned design), zippered pouch (square)
7. viaticvenusaur - Clearfile (B), three-pocket clearfile (B)
8. wowsuchusername - All new goods (minus pass case) *PAID*
9. cottonbell - Glasses case (five Pokemon design) *PAID*
10. shootthetanks - Pikachu/Piplup pass case, glasses case (preference for patterned design), Gengar Petit *PAID*
11. smirkier Eevee/Ditto pass case *PAID*

**PICKUP UPDATE May 5th: I have been able to get just about everyone's pickup requests so far! Totals will be posted by the end of this week. I'm always open to new pickup requests, so please feel free to ask even though this post is a week+ old now :)

I also have some more photos over on my Pokemon collecting blog~☆

The stock for PokeMikke has been really sparse and random (even at the PokeCen) so please let me know if anyone needs to get their hands on these! I am happy to help ♡
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