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Mew & Kids sales!

Weeding out my collection again, and found a few more duplicates. I don't have much time to post this, so all replies will be made later today!

Also took an updated photo of kids, and reduced prices on some of 'em.

I DO accept haggling, especially on larger orders so don't be afraid to ask! Items can be combined from pokestaruk. Paypal only at this time.

$2 within UK
$3 within EU (For light orders)
$4 within US

Rolly Mew is SOLD

Lucario is $5, Shaymin (movie) & Darkrai are $4 each

$3 each (Ivy & Venus SOLD)

$3 each

$2 each

$1 each

$2 each, except Weavile is $3.

To finish this post off - I received a package from eBay today, with a rather lucky find :D

Hasbro Mightyena! I've only ever seen one of these before, and that was from someone on this comm (Thanks to that member, btw - Else I would have mistaken it for something I already have). It was a little bigger than what I expected, too! Accompanying him was an Electrike, Grovyle, Swellow, and a few others.

On the subject of Mightyena - Does anyone have the Tomy, Full Color or Groundbreaker figure they'd be willing to sell per chance?
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