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Collection Update!

I think it has been a decent amount of time since i last shared with you some of my recent gets!! However i am still focusing only on my larvitar line!!! as i am intending on re homing the rest of my collection :O i did get my hands on a few other cute things tho!! so stay tuned for more ;D

Just a teaser of my top shelf first :O

Okay im not sure where to start with this!! so ill just post the photos and list what i got, here goes....

first off is non tyranitar line related!!! I went to the QUT pokemon trivia the other night and won myself a cute drilber plush, i fell in love with him as soon as i saw him and demanded that my group atleast place so i could take him home!! hes pictured with my small tyrunt plush collection!! Still looking for the wonderful PC plush... i dont intend on getting tyrunt figures at this point, i am content with just collecting his plush... moving on :P

I bought these lovely two books, that are packed with pictures and cute comics of my favorite babies <3 there are so so so many pages that have features and the likes, i also obtained the TCG illustration collection book thing.... it has such wonderful art work in it <3
Also pictured is the dex charms, a cute T-shirt and some other bits and pieces (:

which leads me to these, although they havent arrived yet i am very excited to be adding to my Pokemon 4Ever/Hide and seek promo set, i absolutely adore the promo and the movie, and i decided that i would collect it as sort of a branch off of my Tyranitar line collection, i did however narrowly miss out on a super cute note book from the Pika-boo promo... damn work keeping me off the interwebs :P
so here we have the OST, DVD of Pika-boo and the pan holder that i missed out on previously aswell!!

Some other thingies... the jhoto dex charms, some of the lottory towels and the likes, some random figures, the Mini playset tyranitar <3 a pokemon time planer that happened to feature larvitar <3

And now to my final gets!!! I have been so excited to share this one with you guys, but wanted a bit more of a haul to show you, and im sure you have already figured out the main peice of this photo!!!

THE SMILING LARVITAR UFO!!!!! I have no idea how or where hes from but my best friend brought him back from a trip to japan a month or so ago!! and i was so so so excited i was bouncing around the house with him for ages!! i also purchased the azurill and celebi off of noppin to go with him as id like the full set to go with the pika-boo series.. but i ended up recieving the wrong celebi ): and noppin couldnt do anything about it so i am still on the hunt for the other 3 from the set!! Celebi, Pikachu and Kecleon... i would preffer them all with their tags if anyone has one they want to part with!!

I also recently got the Shiny PC M-Rayquaza, the 1:1 Mudkip for my boyfriend and the two zekrom plushies sitting on my top shelf!!

heres some pics of the whole larvi line set at the moment

Thank you to those who got through the wholllee post :O

And some wants.... my wants list can be found on my profile... and on top of that id be interested in getting the large size Wailord plush (: but not wanting to spend too much on him...

as always tho, first priority is tyranitar line goodies that i dont have!!
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