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HUGE and First Ever Collection Update!

I held off posting these pics for the first month because I thought it'd be smarter to wait and do a mass update. Then I held off a little longer to wait for an incoming purchase, and a little longer still to wait for another incoming purchase.... Eventually I realized that since joining the pkmncollector's community I would quite probably always have one more incoming purchase. ^_^;

There are an awful lot of photos below the cut, so brace yourselves. I should also mention that I've formed most of this post by copying and pasting from my own journal. All of the photos originally had their sizes reduced, but I don't know for sure whether those adjustments will remain through the transfer. If someone notices extra large pictures and experiences a slowdown, please say so in a comment so that I can fix it quickly. =x

(In case it's difficult to tell, that's Swellow hiding there behind Mega Scizor.)

I'm particularly pleased with Mightyena and Crobat, both of which are extraordinarily rare - and therefore prohibitively expensive - figures, and both of which I was able to secure for emminently affordable prices from two very engaging and thoughtful sellers. But I am also tickled by the acquisition of Persian and Ninjask, who I also thought were very rare; and by that of Nidorina and Quagsire, who have simply turned out to be adorable and fun to play with out of all proportion to their rarity or articulation.

Steelix and Sableye (obviously) are not Tomy figures, but they are both wonderful. Sableye doesn't yet have a released Tomy, so until then the 'Dex figure is the closest simulation. It also doesn't hurt that it's a very finely and accurately detailed tiny little thing. The Steelix, however, is poseable, and it's irrationally fun. Since it's the same size and material as the regular Steelix Tomy, I'm okay with using it as an honorary substitute in my collection. Bulbasaur and Blastoise are duplicates (in fact this makes three Bulbasaurs for me), but I really wanted the updated versions anyway. Nidorino is bootleg, but it's an excellent one.

And there's a surprise...

Meloetta's Pirouette forme! But look - the little black barette/microphone is missing! I feel so stupid; I didn't pay attention when shopping today. Normally I inspect a figure before I buy it, but... well, I just don't know why I forgot to do that this time. What a waste of money! >_<

Since beginning to make some good money, I've taken to collection a bunch of lovely plush Pokémon as well as Tomy figures. These purchases usually fill me with guilt, because it's not a serious collection and therefore is money that could be going into the savings account. But there are just some extraordinarily appealing products that the Pokémon franchise spawns, and a Pokéfan honestly just can't help himself. ^_^;

Here is a display of my black plushies! They bring a certain edge to the television viewing area, and their menacing presence discourages me and my guests from watching too much television. These brooding black buddies keep things dark and dire, mwahaha. Only Umbreon and Mega Rayquaza are new, however. But speaking of Mega Rayquaza...

A challenger appears!

Primal Groudon is trying to invade the bedroom and turn everything bright and sunny. Let the battle of legends begin!

This is the exploratory party with which Primal Groudon arrived. That Secret Base Treecko Poké Doll is adorable, isn't it? These two Grass types here round out a sort of family:

Treecko is probably my most favorite starter Pokémon of all. It only edges out Bulbasaur because I like Treecko's evolutions slightly more than I do Bulbasaur's. And as seen here, the Treecko family has excellent merchandise.

But hey! That's not the only family I've succeeded in collecting.

A full US Tomy complement of Eeveelutions! I originally only really wanted Umbreon. Although it's very pleasing to have the full collection, I might end up deciding to sell off the others. =s

Most of my plushies are MWT, but I do prefer to take the large cardboard tags off to save them in a drawer (less likely to get damaged that way, I'd say).

I suppose I ought to start working on a wants post next. When I first got here, I didn't think of anything as a grail, but I'll at least mention here (so I don't forget) that the prestigious title of Holy Grail is hereby granted to the shiny Noctowl Tomy figure. My wallet's hurting quite a bit right now, but if anyone happens to catch sight of such a figure, please feel free to throw things at me until you've caught my attention. =P

I'd also like to just tuck in a little thank you to all of the folks here who've sold their precious Pokés to me (you know who you are!). It's only thanks to this community that I can even make a post this big. Thanks very much, PKMNCollectors community. ^_^
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