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Emerald Break Gets and Still Looking for Help! :)

I got my box of Emerald Break cards today, and I'm pretty darn happy about my pulls! I didn't get a full art, but I wasn't expecting one anyways. XD Below will just be a picture of the holos (I love most of the nonholos too, but it was quicker and easier to just take a pic of the holos. XD) My iPad camera does not do these cards justic! ;-;

Now, there's some I really want help with!! In the picture, I placed the pile of 8 cards that have a 1 on the back. I heard that if you have three 1 cards and live in Japan, you can send it away for something. Just by looking at the numbers, I'm assuming that the promotion ends May 7? (I could be wrong, since, well, in all honesty, I can't read a single word of Japanese. ;-;) Anyways, as you probably assumed, I would LOVE & truly appreciate if I could send these cards to someone in Japan to claim for me. I can send just six, or all eight if you have a lonely 1 card that could complete the set. BUT WAIT! ;) I have two complete sets of three, and I'm only one person, so if someone would be nice enough to do this for me, they can keep the second one for themself!

If this promotion-thingy ends as soon as I think it does, is there any really quick shipping in an envolpe? (Even if it costs a few extra bucks?)

Thank you for reading my word-BLAH!
Have a wonderful day~ :D
Tags: gets, tcg
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