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Need some suggestions for neatly displaying my plush

Hello everyone! I am in need of everyones expertise right now. Ive been meaning to make a post about this a while ago (among other posts I need to make) and I finally cant take looking at how uneatly and crammed my plush are in my room! I am in severe need of suggestions because I am running out of space!! Under the cut I will explain further.

Quick edit: Just so you know, I am open to recomendations for new shelves :) I am willing to replace mine.

Okay so I neee help choosing the correct shelving/plush display furniture for some of my bigger plush and maybe some affortable floating wall shelves for my other plush. I really dont like the shelf I have up right now.
Right now I have no where to put my Meowstic plush collection because they can't stand on their own. Right now theyre on my dresser crowding up all my stuff.

Look how cluttered that is! (At least especially to me)
The clutter really bothers me and it makes it difficult to spend time in my room. I need somewhere to put these plush together, any suggestions? Poor Meowstic legs cant hold them up, especially the big plush! :(

Now for my other shelf, it is two 3 shelf units stacked on top of eachother.

The inner squares are too short to display much, and theyre too deep to see what is in back! Everything is just placed in there because I have no where else to put them. And poor Wailord is getting squished against the edge of the shelf because of all the things on top of him! My boyfriend thinks we should get him his own shelf or something so he doesnt get damaged from the way Im displaying him.

So, here is what I need. I am open to ALL suggestions, because I really need help here. I want to neatly display everything I have, I really dont want to box things up in my basement or sell things because I cant display them. :/
I am open to suggestions and references for shelving/units/any way of displaying my plush and even figures if youre interested in showing me!

Any suggestion is appreciated and pictures are very welcome!! Thanks!


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