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Finally received the last package I was waiting on before posting this.

Im going to break this down into several cuts.

Image heavy!

After I received my Bulbasaur Walky Plush, I fell in love with these cuities. Though none have been as adorable as Bulbasaur, which was a little disappointing.

Here is what I have so far,

Bulbasaur is hiding away with his other Bulba buddies.

I am seeking all of the ones I currently do not have. Im looking to spend no more than $35 BEFORE shipping.

Im still thinking of ways to display them, any ideas??

And a HUGE thank you to all community members I purchased from already!

Ive also started collecting the kid figures that are trainers.

Ive purchased Ash and Professor Oak today. Still seeking Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Jesse, James and any others I am unaware of.

Just random larger plush photos.

Ive been practicing patterns and shapes as well as different techniques. Just a couple things Ive made. All hand sewn. I do have a sewing machine and will someday conquer it XD

The Oddish and Bulbasaur are made out of craft felt. I cut out little accessories just for fun. I just used left over thread and such as well. I think theyre rather cute for my first try.

Pikachu is made of fleece. He looks like he got ran over and all his stuffing went to his head, enjoy! XD

What are the sizes of the canvas plush series? I really want the Bulbasaur one. Anyone selling??

As always I am seeking all things Bulbasaur and Oddish.

Thanks for reading ^^
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