plasticanomaly (plasticanomaly) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pikachu in the Farm pen set

I just want to rave about these Pikachu in the Farm pens as the photos don't do them justice!

They come in a pack of 3 pens in red, blue and black.

They might look like ordinary pens but they are actually erasable pens! You just use the nub at the top of the pen to erase what you wrote. For the best effect, you should erase once the ink has fully dried or you can end up smudging it instead.

Each pen also has a little hidden surprise when you click them. The black one shows pikachu, the red one a lightning bolt and the blue one is a star.

Plush toys and figures get a lot of attention online because the photos look good but don't forget the other merchandise too :) These pens are pretty cheap and easy to ship so I would recommend getting them if you can.
Tags: pikachu
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