acidmimi (acidmimi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Kids Sales!

Hey I have some extra kids from this new set for sale

Come and get some :)

Also I have a big update coming soon <3

-I ship from the U.S. to anywhere
-I typically ship next day
-My prices do not include shipping!
-I accept haggling
-I also am currently accepting trades, just show me what you have but don't be offended if I decline!
-Happy buying <3
-please note that international shipping for non flats starts at 6$, if that is too much please don't ask, I've been losing money because I feel bad and give heavy discounts for shipping :(
- ALSO if someone claims to be committed to an item while you are just inquiring they get rights to the item.

Mega Latios x2 - 4$
Mega Salamence x1 - 3$
Mega scizor x1- 3$
Mega Rayquaza x1 - 3$
Mega Heracross x2 - 3$
Sliggoo x2 - 3$
Aromatisse x2 - 3
Raichu x1 - 5$
Wartortle x1 - 3$
Trevenant x2 - 2$

Thanks and have a great wednesday :)

Tags: sales
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