bobsama195 (bobsama195) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Another Small sales

Hi everyone, I'm here to sell some things before con season starts (not that there's a lot of cons in my area though) and it's also nice to feel free as my first year of university is finally over woo~

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 18 JAN 2014

All community rules will apply

-These sales will be open until Feb 21, 2015
-I live in a smoke and pet free home but my room collects dust a lot. I will clean off all items before shipping them out as best as I can
-If you want a quote, please list the items you want and your postal code and/or country
-A QUOTE IS NOT A HOLD. If someone commits to an items, they will get priority
-NO HAGGLING! Sorry. The only exception is if you buy multiple items, then I'll accept reasonable offers.
-Not trading right now, sorry!

-I accept Paypal only (sent as goods, not gift)
-Prices will not include paypal fees or shipping fees
-Prices will be in USD

-I ship from Canada and I can ship internationally so beware Canadian shipping prices (especially for International buyers)
-Plush and figures will be in bubble mailers or boxes
-I will try to reuse packaging. If that will be a problem, please say so.
-I won't be responsible for lost mail and I can't refund lost packages. I will try my best to help in the situation. If you want tracking or anything else, feel free to ask. Be warned that extra things cost a lot (especially in Canada).
-My school and home is a few minutes away from the post office so I can usually ship out items as soon as possible.

Any additional questions, just ask

Sylveon Pokedoll JAP MWT $20
DX Piplup Pokedoll ENG Tag detached $40
Weavile Pokedoll 2005 JAP Tag attached but some creases $30
Christmas Froakie MWT $30

I also want to sell my Pokemon X version which works fine for $20
Tags: froakie, piplup, sylveon, weavile

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