baron von kellogs (kefanii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
baron von kellogs

smaller sales post!

Hey guys! I have a few lovely items to sell today. There are just a couple of them, but they are neat and rare! :D

EDIT: I sold all the fuzzy figures, yay. XD

There are also two origami pieces here of Pikachu and Persian. I have instructions for how to fold them with images and writing, admittedly in Japanese, but it seems... fairly simple. More examples of rare, classic merch! I also have many colored, plain sheets of origami paper that came with them, if you're interested. $1.50 for the Pokemon origami sheets and 25 cents for the colorful ones.

Lastly, there's a rare (aren't they all?) Espeon figure here. It's a full color stadium fig without its black base. Please make offers on it! Best offer shall receive. I'm looking for $5+, probably.

If you would like to combine with your orders from my previous sales post, here are the sales, tell me if you're combining!

Usual rules apply.

- Paypal or money orders only, kthx
- Holds are allowed for up to three days
- Be nice :3
Tags: arbok, caterpie, ekans, espeon, persian, pikachu, sales, venusaur, vileplume
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