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Button sales :D keychains, necklaces and phone straps

Hi everyone! I'm back with another wave of new buttons. I am now also able to turn any of my buttons into keychains, necklaces, cell phone straps(dust plugs also available!) and zipper pulls!

Sales Info:

  • Received sales permission from Lineaalba back in 2010.

  • Feedback here:

  • I accept Paypal

  • All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or fees as applicable.

  • Payment is expected within 24hrs unless otherwise discussed.

  • Orders will be shipped out within 3-5 business days.

Shipping Info:

  • Packages shipped from Pittsburgh, PA

  • Please provide zip code for shipping quote.

  • Items packaged and shipped in bubble mailers(or box as necessary)

  • Packages will be shipped via USPS First Class.

Buttons: $2 each

3 for $5
10 for $15

Each button is a 1.25" pinback button. I make these for my shop/AA tables at cons, so I have an unlimited supply of them all :)

Also now available, all buttons can be turned into charms for necklaces, keychains, cell phone straps and zipper pulls! Below is an example of what the buttons look like as necklaces, along with all of the options available.

Button Charms: $4 each

If you are interested in a button charm, please specify the type you'd like, and the color if applicable:

Key Chain
Cell Phone Strap with dust plug if needed (Red, Orange, Green, Light Green, Blue, Purple, Pink or Black)

Zipper Pull

Thanks for looking and if you have any questions, just ask!

Tags: beautifly, bulbasaur, caterpie, charmander, chespin, chikorita, chimchar, cyndaquil, ditto, drifloon, eevee, espeon, espurr, fennekin, flareon, froakie, gardevoir, gastly, glaceon, gyarados, jigglypuff, jolteon, leafeon, litwick, lucario, magikarp, mew, mewtwo, mudkip, oddish, oshawott, pangoro, pikachu, piplup, ponyta, snivy, squirtle, swablu, sylveon, tepig, torchic, totodile, treecko, treeko, turtwig, umbreon, vaporeon

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