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Risha Moon

Korean Double Crisis Box Opening Livestream and Some Wants

^^; I know I'm cutting it close to the 24 hour post rule. I'm just so excited and want to open these packs! And I know that some of the other community members like watching my Livestreams. ^^ This'll probably be my last one until I purchase a Roaring Skies box.

Today I'll be opening Korean Double Crisis packs. I believe this is the same as the Japanese version of the set (which is the same as English but without reverse holos). I will be keeping one of each card from the set. The rest will be available for trade/sale. I might even have some extra booster packs if I pull a complete set before opening them all. Let me know if you're interested in any cards from the set by commenting on this post and I"ll let you know if I pull what you're looking for. ^^

Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point. My livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha."

I will edit this text once the Livestream starts. Which should be around 4:45pm Eastern Time. (about 5 minutes after the original posting) Livestream over! It was actually really short...only about 15 minutes long. I only had to open 9 booster packs to get the complete set. The last two I needed was Kyogre EX and Team Aqua Admin. lol. The Team Aqua Admin made me open a 9th pack so I have one duplicate holographic card. XD! This means that I have 11 unopened packs if anyone is interested in purchasing them. Each pack comes with one holographic or EX card. I am not sure if there will be another Kyogre or Groudon but there could be.

Here's what the set looks like:

Also, I'm still looking for the English Reverse Holo Double Crisis cards (and everything else) mentioned in this post - Link

And, since my GA attempts failed, does anyone have a Japanese Reviving Legends (Undaunted) Reverse Holo #043/080 Houndoom or a Japanese Reviving Legends Tyranitar Deck #007/019 Houndour for sale or trade? Those are my two most wanted cards right now. ^^; I might also be interested in 1st Edition English or any non-English Hound cards.

I'm also looking for two Topps cards of Houndour from Johto League Champions - the foil version of #228 and sticker #23 of 37.

~ Risha
Tags: cards, houndoom, houndour, trading, wanted, wants

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