jheila (jheila) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mini collection update!

I had a huge gets post that I had been working on for the last 2 weeks, but the power went out and I lost it all @-@ Instead of remaking that mess, heres a new one!

Small preview of whats been my latest obsession!

I never expected it to grow so much ;-;

I have another cleafile on the way so this'll need to be redone, but lets just bask in its greatness for now (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)

I just love that jakks kirlia! So glad I was able to snag one!

The pokemon time vinvyl... just wow... be still my heart

Probably the first and last time I will ever use pan stickers. At least they're reusable!

The dedennes are thriving! The glaceons... not so much...

Finally cleaned up Diancies table! Not featured: A lot. I need a bigger table.

She finally got two shelves! And all it took was destroying my life selling a tiny part of my collection! *gross sobbing* eevee will be missed dearly

These guys are doing okay, but man, I wish I had more space!

Mostly because of this. My poor fairies squeezed inside of a cubicle ;-;

But speaking of cramped, I got a few more plush! See if you can spot them >v< hint: its flabebe and carbink!
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