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Sales Post~

Hello everyone! I was recently approved for sales permission, so I decided to go ahead and put one up. I also plan on putting up a collection update, but my room is a wreck right now and it needs quite a bit of rearranging. xP

Sales Rules and Information:
-I was granted sales permission on April 20, 2015 by areica96.
-All community rules apply.
-Prices are in USD.
-I only accept PayPal.
-I ship from Tennessee in the US.
-Payment is due within 24 hours unless you talk to me first.
-I'm okay with holds as long as we agree on a time and it is adhered to.
-Haggling is allowed, but do not be hurt if there are things I can't be haggled on.
-I will ship internationally, but it may take longer and I would not be able to give you a quote right off.
-I may be able to ship multiple times a week or have to wait til the next week depending on my work schedule, as such, please be prepared to wait 3-8 business days. I will keep this post up to date on expected days of going to the post office or if anything comes up.
-I am not responsible for an item or package once it leaves my hands. I will have pictures and shipping reciepts kept.
-The first person to ask for a quote will have the item held for an hour. If I hear nothing back, it will go to the next that has interest.
-I come from a pet friendly home, however, most of the things I will sell more than likely would not have come in contact with my birds, dogs, or cats. My home is smoke free (parents smoke outside far away from items)- the only exceptions to this are items I recieve that have been previously owned, but I will provide detailed descriptions and pictures.
-I will not sell to any banned members of the community or that have been banned from my sales.
-I will consider trades for certain items and partial trades.  I will hopefully be able to put up a wants list soon.
-Please ask if you are concerned about condition, I will try to help you to the best of my ability.
-I will more than likely have to buy new shipping materials as I don't usually keep boxes.  As such, I would expect shipping to start at around $4 for nontracked and $6 for tracking for domestic shipping.
-Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted.  Prices do not include paypal fees.

Munchlax, Plusle, Spinda light up stamps - $15 each OBO

 Plusle will not light up, but otherwise seems fine.  Ink is running a little low in both of them.  Munchlax seems perfect to me though.

Wailord Pokemon Time clearfile - $8 shipped

no title
no title
no title
no title

Heartland Plusle Small Version- $25 shipped

A bit loved, I would say a 7/10 (more small stains than the large minun, smells slightly like air freshner, slightly like tobacco, I can't really tell but this is a heads up just in case)  It is still in pretty good shape.  Pics show a bit of fuzzy on the tail, but I think they can be taken off with tape.  Stains might be removeable as well.

Heartland Minun Big version (x2)- $40 shipped OBO each

Both in slightly loved conditioned.  One smells like smoke.

Banpresto Uxie- 7/10 condition wise, this little cutie's arm is slightly freed on the left side.  It's head string is slightly frayed, but all in all, in one piece.  $14 shipped


This Pika is big.  It's almost as big as the Heartland Minun.  It's made by Banpresto and has a tiny hangtag attached.  I don't smell anything on this one and it does not appear to have any stains or anything.  Shipping might be a little high on this one as well.  $20 shipped

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