laurenbachmann (laurenbachmann) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets post :)

Hey everyone! Figured it was time for another Metal Gets post.. im going to get another huuuuge bunch of metal figs in probably a month or two so thats really exciting too!

anyone on to the gets!

Ive gotten a Gunmetal Aerodactyl, Bronze Kakuna, Copper Persian, Gunmetal Persian, little Silver Smiling Pikachu, Bronze Head Tilt Pikachu, Silver Waving Pikachu, Copper Pignite(though what id really like are the metal Tepigs!), Gold Ledian, Copper Kyogre, Green Shellder, Gold Poliwag, Gold Marowa, Bronze Zorua, and a Pristine Green Hauter!!

Last but not least is my most exciting get and it's not even a metal fig! :O huh? what? the metal queen's get isnt a metal fig? Nope. Its a super ridiculously rare PINK Hoppip Keshimon!! AHHHH

Tags: aerodactyl, haunter, kyogre, metal figures, persian, zorua

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