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Retro find at Toys R Us and New Eeveelution iphone5 case

When i was a little kid i collected the old dog tags from the 90s and wore them everywhere. i had Vulpix, Charmander, Pikachu, etc.. but there was one i wanted above all else, i had my heart set on it, but never found one, eventually giving up when they stopped selling them.

So when i went to TRU yesterday and saw them on display i was hit with nostalgia and immediately started looking through them. They had a few Nidorinos, Snorlax, Magemite, Sandshrew, i can't remember the rest of them though, because the moment this one appeared my mind went blank and i forgot the others existed.


And by the way, that's how i reacted, i gasped and squealed "Ninetales! omg omg omg!" it was like i turned into my kid self in that moment.

here's some close ups

the name part is yellowed despite being in the packaging, but the pokemon tag itself is white still, so that's what counts. All the tags were like that well. i'm still shocked to have it, another score for my Ninetales collection ^_^

For anyone else looking for these tags but might have given up, i highly recommend going to your local TRU and checking the trading card display. i found about 20 of these tags there, so take a look. you might just find that hidden gem.

and now onto the Eeveelution case i got at Hot Topic.

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