Eboncharizard (eboncharizard) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Last Gets for a While!

Hello all!
I'm back for my last collection update for a while! It's the end of my senior year of high school, and with college and all, I'm stockpiling money for that (and a con in June). So, without further ado, here we go!

All of these were from happyjolteon's auction, and I was so geeked when I came home to this box on the kitchen table!

What could be in this box, you ask?
I'll show you!

*Hallelujah Chorus plays in background*
So many plushies!!!!

First off is probably one of my favorites from the lot-

MWT Pokemon Time Dragonair!
I was at work when the auctions ended, and had my mom bidding for me (God I love my parents! ), and I ended up winning her! I assumed it would skyrocket in price while I was at work, and I won her on my first bid! It was a wonderful surprise, and I'd never seen one for so low a price! In case you wondered why I refer to it as a she, I'm kinda into naming my plushies, and her name's Valkyrie ^///^
The little Friends Dratini on her back was also from the auction- his name is Lief ^^
They go perfectly with my KFC Dratini!

Next up's Tomy Togekiss!
I had a Togekiss in Diamond (my first major game) that flew me all over Sinnoh for years, so the choice to buy him was easy!

Then there's my Tomy Cyndaquil :3
After finding a MWT Tomy Chimchar at an antique store, I've learned to love the Japanese Tomys, and UFO catchers as well- I find there's a better selection than just pokemon center.

UFO cathers for the win!
I have a bootie dragonite ufo, but his one wing is upside down ^^'
I like this one's anntennae better too :3

UFO Axew!
I'm not a huge axew fan, but as a dragon collector, I couldn't deny him for $1 ^-^

Blissey Friends Plush!
I've had a sentimental spot for Blissey for about eight years- I pulled a Blissey EX reverse holo from Unseen Forces in fourth grade (I still have it- 160 HP!), and was obsessed with getting a lv 100 one in Diamond (600+ hp, I think yes!), so I love her! ^-^

Last but not least-

My whole collection! :D
I need shelves...

In case you were curious, Lapras was left out because she is a gift for a friend, and is not joining my Lapras pod (I have two lapras pokedolls...).
She is going to a great, pokemon-loving home though! ^-^

Thanks for reading!
Have a nice night everyone!
I'll be around, but won't post much of anything for a while now.
Until Next Time!
~ Ebon

Tags: axew, banpresto, blissey, collection update, cyndaquil, dragonair, dragonite, dratini, gets, lapras, togekiss, tomy

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