pokegal1991 (pokegal1991) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction post + my first get in almost a decade!

Hello everyone! I am new to the community. My name is Natalie, but I also go by Nat.
I've been a fan of Pokemon since it first came out, including the cards, games, merchandise, and anime. While I (until recently) stopped collecting the cards, buying merch, and watching the show in 2004-ish, I have continued to buy and play every Pokemon game.
But...the X&Y series games renewed my love for ALL things Pokemon, and I recently ordered my first Pokemon plush in nearly 10 years!!

It's the new Jumbo Wailord from the U.S. Pokemon Center!

oh hayyyy

He's so delightfully squishy and soft!

y hello tharrr

Here's what his tag looks like!

I am so excited to be a member of this community and collect some more merch!
I didn't have time tonight to make a "complete collection" post because 95% of my collection is TCG (I have way too many cards lol), but I will organize everything and get a good group photo for a post soon.

Thanks for reading! <3
Tags: gets, introductions, plush, wailord

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