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Pokemon Center Lucario Plush Auction

Hi everyone!

So 2 days ago, I received my order from Yahoo! Japan. One of the item I won was a 11" Pokemon Center Lucario plush. He ended up not being what I was expecting him to be so decided that it's probably better if he goes to a collector that will love him more than I do.

As you can see, I didn't even dare to remove him from the bag he came in ><

He's in great shape! Looks clean and doesn't seem to be peeling :)
He doesn't have his hang tag, but do still have his tush tag.
He's around 10.5" tall.
I am starting the bid at $50 which is less than what I paid for.


Granted sale permission on December 9 2012 by entirelycliched

My feedback page:
I live in a smoke free home
I have a bird as a pet
I accept Paypal only, no exception

No returns (only applies if I sent you the wrong item)
I am NOT responsible after the package leaves my hands, I do my best to protect everything. I will keep every proof of shipment.
Asking for a quote is not considerate a hold
I will hold an item for a couple of days if you commit to buy it
No trade at the moment, sorry
All prices are in USD
I accept "small' haggling but please be reasonable
I will not accept anyone that wants to buy and then back out of sales. Negative Feedback will be left
My shipping days are Monday to Friday


I ship from New-Brunswick, Canada
I ship worldwide. Please note that shipping overseas can take really long and be expensive

To Canada: $12 and up with tracking
To the USA: $9 and up with no tracking, $16 and up with tracking
To the rest of the world: $12 and up with no tracking

Canadian buyers: please give me your postal code when asking for a quote.

I highly sugest getting a tracking number for items over $50

The auction will end on Tuesday, May 5 at 6pm.

Bid increase of 1$ min.


You can find my regular sale post here:
no title

Thanks :)
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