SilverBuizel (silverbuizel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New collector here! :)

Hi everyone! 
Nice to meet you all-I'm SilverBuizel, I'm17 years old and I live in Finland. 
I love many things, and one of them is collecting Pokémon stuff. I hope that one day Iican finally start shopping here 
(I'm underage, and my mom doesn't like the idea of me buying stuff from online...Luckily my birthday is only a few months away!^_~) 
Under the cut is my collection-However, the pics are really horrible because my camera isn't that awesome when it comes to quality. AND I don't have all of my collection shooted here. ( PICTURE HEAVY!)
So, if you got any questions, please ask...Whether it's about me, my collection or just about anything! :3  
Yup, these are all the plushies I own-I LOVE to collect them!^^
Unfortunately, the last Pokemon plushies that were sold in stores in here were the Hoenn Pokedoll starters-So now I have to get the rest of my wanted ones from overseas. Waah. '~' 
...And this is about all of the figures I own. Most of them are Kids, there's some clears,too. Seriously, I should have a better group photo!><'
Also, I don't display them-I keep them in a big box because of the small space I have in my room. 
Also, i own...;
- Zukans ( Buizel/Flotzel, Mime jr/Mr. Mime, Numel/Camerupt, Clampearl/Huntail/Gorebyss,Croagunk/Toxicroak,Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam,Suicune,Feraligatar, 10;th anniv: Mew,Lugia,Entei,Palkia, Darkrai,Lucario)
- MD2 diodrama figures (Turtwig,Chimchar, Pikachu) 
- Danglers (Manaphy, Pikachu, Chimchar, Turtwig)    
- TFG Figures
- A lot of cards
- A towel and a plastic bowl
- Posters
- Some walktroughs and game guides
- The games, a few DVD's 
I'll post my wants list soon! =) 
Edit; Sorry about the hassle...I try to be more careful next time! >_>
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