Kumori (eiei_o_kumori) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auction Winners!

So I got the Invoice today from SMJ for the mew and mewtwo lot. It was a lot more then I expected. I'm still paying most of it but ughh I didn't think it would be that much. D=

So here are the totals. This includes shipping from my house to you when I get them, and paypal fees which always get me ><.
meirin - $10
heenz - $9
chibisilverwing - $10
ann_chovi - $10

Payments can be sent to Kumori.Chan@hotmail.com
I', very sorry the prices are so high, =[ and if I had more money i would have you guys pay anymore then what you paied for the card.

Well you guys are great. We have about a week to get payment in but i'd like to get it in ASAP so hurry =]
Tags: mew, mewtwo
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