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The storm has arrived!~

Firstly - a shipping update for everyone who bought kids from the huge kids sale (community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/1906429.html) - over half of the packages have been sent and the rest will be posted in the next few days :) I'm afraid they're not getting done as quickly as usual as I'm back at work now so I'm doing a few every evening. They will all be sent by the end of Saturday though :) There are still lots of kids left ^-^

Now the main event! We got some exciting collection additions today! andyboyh  's Ditto parcel arrived from SMJ, contining the big soft Daisuki club cushion, clear Ditto kid and reversible pikachu/ditto hand puppet (I love hand puppets! XD) - they soon made froends with the PiplupDItto puppet ^_^


What's that in the top left hand corner?...

We got our box of StormFront from our local comic shop today! This is what our floor looks lke after we've ripped open 36 packets of cards XD

In one box we managed to get the whole set (not including special cards), two Lv.X cards (yey for Raichu!), a shiny Drifloon, shiny Duskull and a Charmeleon ^-^ I think that it's the nicest card set for a while, and it's really useful for our decks (which reply heavily on Psychic/Ghost and Steel cards :D.

We've got doubles or all of the common and uncommon card, and of about 2/3 of the rare cards, so if anyone is looking for a specific card from the set, let me know - I might be able to help :D We've also decided to let our Charmeleon go, as we're not really fans of the Char line and there are probably other collectors out there who will appreciate him more ^-^

According to Pokebeach, there is approximately one Char-line card in each box of Stormfront, so I don't really know what to charge for it :S I'm open to offers for now though until I've decided on a price :) He's pretty and shiny! Comment if you're interested in giving him a home!~

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