Nina Needless (absol) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Nina Needless

sales reminder + tiny cute get

Hey community :)

this is the last chance to buy some things from me. The most ist on Ebay now. I will have not so much time in the future to make a sales post (second job). I know i have many things to sale, but i haven't the time to make pictures or anything. I will post my new sales maybe in 2-4 weeks.

Enter on the pictures or the link here:

Here is my tiny cute get!

The Absol Tomy plush! Its so cute. Its maybe 6-7cm tall haha. I won the plush in tyltalis auctions. Thank you very much ^o^ I have so many new gets but sorry i will post them in the next weeks :)

Thanks for reading and looking!

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Tags: absol, gets, sales
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