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Bags & Goomy Gets

Been saving up a few gets I got over the past week and today to make a post ! It's a mix of Sylveon & Goomy stuff <3

Look at all the pretties ~ It's so awesome to come across things I've never seen before !

These are some Sylveon plastic bags, the backs of them all have Mewtwo/Genesect. They're actually pretty long too, and they have a little rope to hold onto.

Remember that mini van I got a while ago? Well this is like a page taken out of a book or something, it's to make a cardboard mini van and you just cut the picture out and fold them/glue etc.

This is a super teeny little back pack, I mean really, it probably fits on a lap dog ! But it's very cute, I've been looking for this thing for a while, what an awesome surprise to be able to get it and so cheaply too !

I forgot to picture this in the big photo but I also FINALLY got myself the Sylveon glass tumbler, enough begging around for that XD The glass is very heavy actually and the pictures are pretty vibrant.

Okay this little guy has been peaking out of the pics, this PC plush is SO HARD to come by now, like I've seen them go for $45-$70 now, I guess this little guy is making a name for itself in the popular pokemon crowd haha <3

And I also got the socks and pen, they're so cute. I also have a bunch of new Goomy (and Sylveon ofc) things I'll be getting really soon ovo Get ready for that post ~

Anyway that's it for now ! I'll have the rest of the photos posted up at my site under Bags & Purses, so be sure to check it out and as always, let me know if you have any Sylveon items I don't have c:

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