hantsukihaunter (hantsukihaunter) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Wants - Kitchen Goods

Hi guys. I've come here today with a few small things I'm looking for. I'm interested in purchasing the Tea Cup from the Pokemon Meets Japan promotion from 2014. (See picture below.) I would be most comfortable paying no more than $25 for it since I plan to use it rather than preserve it for all eternity. I would very much like one that comes with the original box as well as one that hasn't been used or scratched up but feel free to post if you have one anyway.

This want is more of a long shot, but I'm also looking for the Totodile Chop Stick Rest from the 2000 Cooking Club promotion. The art is just adorable!

Lastly, if you have any other kitchen goods specifically bowls (mine are sadly aesthetically unappealing), I would be happy to take a look at anything you have for sale especially if they come from the Cooking Club promotion. Thank you for your time!
Tags: wants
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