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Giveaway 2.0 and Sales Plug!

Hi guys <3 So since you guessed only 1/2 of the pokemon in my last giveaway, I'm gonna make another one xD If you're interested in who the two Pokemon I was thinking off, they were Onix and Chatot. Onix was guessed by j_ule, but poor Chatot seems to be one of those pokemon everyone forgets about :'D

Anyway, my new giveaway will be in a different format. For this one, here's what you have to do to enter:

Write a personal sentence, paragraph, or essay on what got you into Pokemon, and caused you to keep loving it past childhood! Bonus points for before/after collection shots, childhood pictures, and a good amount of detail :) These will be put into a random number generator, BUT if I really really like or connect to your story I'll be offering a few small participation prizes to you ^w^
The number generator will pick five different entries, and then I will choose a 1-5 place for all of them. Here are the prizes:

1st place: 1 large sprite and a team of 6
2nd place: 1 large sprite
3rd place: team of 6
4th place: 3 small sprites or Trozei head
5th place: 1 small sprite

You can choose which pokemon you want at my discretion. For example I may say no if the large pokemon you choose is going to be over 20 inches long those Noiverns though xD
Also, current commissions take priority! I won't be making these until I finish up my current orders.
Winners will be chosen after the comments stop once I post one reminder for this giveaway.

Here's an example of an entry :)

So my love for Pokemon goes back to ten years ago, when I was six. I've always had some sort of collection; whether it be dog toys, horse toys, cool Russian candy wrappers, pins, etc. None of those collections had ever lasted more than a few months until I got bored or forgot about them, until I started collecting Pokemon.
When I was little, I was incredibly shy. I also had a tendency to lose friends after the summer, because classes changed and all that. I was extremely sensitive to those kinds of things back then, and even though it seems like no big deal looking back, it scarred me. A combination of those two things drove me away from human contact, aside from my family and a few friends here and there. On top of that, around that time my sister was born, and she experienced severe asthma which caused my parents to divert their attention to her 24/7. While they were preoccupied with keeping her alive, I was left behind, completely alone and without social skills. All of that caused me to need to an outlet, a way to tell someone how I felt. That's where Pokemon came in. My plush and figures from back then were my way of living in a world that I understood, and loved. I became submersed in the anime; watching it after school every day gave me more happiness then I could describe. I didn't feel alone anymore when I was with my Pokemon, and this carried me through primary and elementary school.
In middle school, my love for Pokemon never wavered. At that time I formed a group of close friends, and although I kept myself from getting to attached to any one person at first, over the course of 6th and 7th grade I became like any other student. I had mixed feelings about it at the time. I loved my Pokemon more than anything, but they weren't socially accepted. I couldn't take them with me outside anymore, let along school. I accepted this and moved on, but it did hurt. Around 8th grade I found the comm, and the realization that I wasn't alone in my love for Pokemon was awesome, to say the least. That's where my collecting style changed. I started learning about different types of merch, and what kind of specific pokemon toys exist. I didn't feel like I had to repress my love for Pokemon anymore.
When I entered high school three years ago, everything changed. I outgrew my awkwardness that I felt in middle school, and widened my group of friends from 5 to 25, not including people that I interact with on a daily basis. I'm social, I'm not afraid to speak my opinion, I participate in school activities and have fun with them, and my family life is stable (for the most part). Despite how I've changed from a shy kid who didn't know how to express emotions to someone who loves to go out and have fun, I never forget what Pokemon did for me when I was younger. Without it, I don't know what my life would've been like in those years. Although collecting is more like a hobby to me now, when I look at the Pikachu I've had for a decade, he's still someone I cuddle with when I'm sick.
Annnd that's more or less my story. I tried to go into as little as detail as possible, but it still turned out long- sorry xD;

And here is a "through the years" pic, of me and a Pokemon, ages 10 and 16~

no titleno title

I have way more childhood poke pics.. I just can't find them on this computer T^T

Anyway, comment below! Don't feel like you need to meet a particular length to have an interesting or "good" story- "I found a Pikachu on top of a vending machine and figured 'why not, let's collect Pikachu'" works just as well :P

Here are some examples of my work, and a link to my sales.

bayleef sprite.jpgsceptile sprite.jpgmasquerain perler.jpg

cheren sprite.jpgno titleno title

Discounted Perler Sales: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19222820.html

I'm also very interested in trades right now; plush, figures, customs, artwork, money, that all works~

Thanks <3

EDIT: Thanks so much for all your entries :D I'll be posting results in a day or two, along with replying to the rest of your entries ^w^
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