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small sales post!

Tindalos the houndoom says "come look at the sales post or else I'll eat these helpless plush! >:O!!"

All name-your-own-price / make-an-offer. Whoever makes the highest offer isn't necessarily the "winner", it's up to my discretion. :)

Sorry for the terrible photography. I can try to get a better picture of something if you ask, but I guarantee that everything is in good condition unless otherwise noted!

First up are two friends plush: Clefairy and Ivysaur. They're lonely. Please take them home?

Group pic--

Two Jakks figures: Lucario, who doesn't stand up, and Mudkip. Out of the package, but never been played with.

Lapras Zukan. She has a small yellow paint smudge above her left flipper, but she came to me like that. (she was new in package when I got her.) Also pictured are Jakks Lucario again, talking Eevee (from 1998-ish!), and Jakks Mudkip again.

This is the tiny plush absol that you see floating around on ebay for 15 dollars. I have one of these that I've kept for myself, and it's amazingly durable. I had it on my phone for two years solid. This one was purchased at the same time, but it's still new in the plastic bag it came in, and is spotless.

The talking eevee again. If you put a AAA battery in his but, he screeches annoyingly and tilts his head from side to side. I'm not sure if it still works, but it did last time I checked.

Talking eevee again. Absol phone strap thing again.

Jakks Meowth (newer style, with the soft plush, not the nylon original)
The three RB starters American UFO plush. They're a little wonky. Never even in a machine, though-- I got them as samples while I was working for Namco. :P Charmander will need a good offer because my boyfriend iankeith is kind of attached to him.

Some generic Tomy figures. Kecleon MAY be a bootleg, not sure.

Lanturn and Chinchou zukan! The figures themselves are in good condition, but the base is screwed up-- part of a post from something is broken off inside one of the holes. It came to me like this. I don't even know if this base actually goes to these guys or not...

Some better pictures of previously mentioned stuff, as well as the tiny luvdisc zukan. (a little smaller than a dime.)

So, overall, here's what's for sale:



Absol (phone strap)
Jakks Meowth
UFO Bulbasaur
UFO Squirtle
UFO Charmander == Looking for a decent offer on him. My boyfriend is attached to him. :(

Chinchou & Lanturn
Absol == Looking for a decent offer on him. I'm kinda attached to him, he was from our community's very first group auction!

Kecleon (warning: may be bootlegged) went to candycafe

Eevee talking figure (no battery included)

$5 shipping/paypal fee for UFO plush (they're on the large side), $2-3 for everything else. I can only take Paypal.

Possibly interested in trades for Feraligatr stuff, but mostly just interested in selling. Help me pay my rent? x_x
Tags: absol, chinchou, clefairy, eevee, ivysaur, lanturn, lapras, lucario, luvdisc, mudkip, zukan
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